Friday, December 31, 2010

Our year in Review

January: No speech, but a small breakthrough with the first sound of every word. My goodness we were excited. We started depo lupron because I was getting sick and our thought of a new baby was crushed.

February: We played "normal" activities with no shoes on in freezing cold weather with our "Friends" ( aka we pretend played with our stuffed animals.)

March: Tyler was left on the bus. I vowed to find him a voice if it was the last thing I did this year. We also had several big milestones like following directions, going up the stairs standing up and climbing REALLY well!

April: Easter came and that meant a big party with the Grandma and Grandpa. Tyler broke his nose at Grandma and grandpa Browns ( and fell hard a day or so later re breaking it!) We also started fertility treatments.

May: Tyler had to get stitches in his head. We started baclofen. Ty got a new bed and Kayden got to raise a star at make a wish!

June: Our first cycle in May was a BUST and we were doing cycle #2 in June. Meds were raised to a horrific amount. Tyler got his tonsils out and we had a HUGE HUGE breakthrough and started actually TALKING!

July: IUI didn't work. We were devastated. Tyler kept talking and made us so proud! Best of all, we went camping for the first time ever and Tyler had a blast. So did we and hope to go more this year!

August: Had our first trip to Thanksgiving point. Had Amber and Robin over for a visit. Dallas had surgery and it was the WORST month ever!

September: Tyler turned 5!! The best thing of the WHOLE year. We went to the CIRCUS!

October: Tyler went to the dentist. Picked his own costume. Went to the pumpkin patch and he RODE A HORSE! His first year that he GOT Halloween!

November: Ty's talking has gotten SO good. He told a story about a Pizza! Tyler and dad become Handy Manny. Thanksgiving was AMAZING! Oh and that Santa, Yeah we FINALLY sat on his lap!

December: Mom had the worst teeth EVER! We saw the holiday lights with most of our cousins. Tyler painted in poo. AGAIN! Tyler had a fantastic Christmas and had ALL of his Labrum cousins and grandparents over Christmas morning. ( Aunt Linda and NICKY too!) Best present of all..... Ty is going to be a big brother!

After going through the last years blog I thought.. geesh, this year sucked! The best part about the year was the most important. Tyler advanced, is doing great, only had one surgery (sort of) and has done extremely extremely well! The next best was that after 2 years we finally are having a baby. The rest seemed to leave a lot to be desired. Lots of struggles with health for Dallas and I had a lot of personal things that I don't ever want to relive again.

It makes looking forward to 2011 pretty easy right now. We are excited what the new year will bring. We are excited to look to the future. We are excited to have a new baby and excited what changes will come about with Tyler.

So good Riddance 2010! May better luck come next year!!

PS. My new year resolution... not let this year suck, be a better house keeper, wife and mom. But most of all, happy, healthy and pregnant for 34-37 weeks!

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Cynthia said...

It has been a rough one for you which is why it's going to get better! You're coming out the other side of the 'dog pile trial'. WOOT! I hope the pregnancy goes long enough that you have to BEG your Dr. to induce you! Wouldn't THAT be a great problem to have next year? LOL!