Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little People's Dentist

When I was growing up I had horrible teeth. A dentist was a HUGE part of our back to school preparations. The dentist we had growing up was wonderful and he is still my mom and dad's dentist. I was never afraid of the dentist and yet, still always had cavities.

When Tyler FINALLY got teeth a few of them grew in rotten and missing parts of them. It was horrible. We quickly found a dentist in Arizona and worked to get his teeth fixed. It was not fun. He screamed, cried and in the end we ended up under anesthesia.

When we moved back to Utah it was not top priority. He wasn't in any pain and we brushed his teeth. Last well child visit we were reminded that he needed to go to the dentist. ( Gently reminded.... See, Marisa I listen!)

So, on Tuesday we made the trek and we went on in to the dentist. We had an appointment at The Little People's dentistry. The office is officially a Special Needs Hub. They have become certified in taking care with the extra special kids and are able to give them the dental hygiene that they need.

The office staff is SOOO amazing. The front desk girl is so nice. She knew our name and directed her talking to Tyler. He loved that.

The waiting room is perfect for kids. There is places for the parents but the slides and the play place for the kids made Tyler right at ease. He wasn't even shy and timid.

He was called back to the back and they took him on a tour of the office. Showed him the rooms, offered him a toothbrush ( Super Sleuths Winnie the Pooh) and let him take his time to walk around before our appointment started.

The exam I wasn't too worried about. I was more worried about the dentist. Dr. Stewart was GREAT. He came in and talked to me and Tyler and got some information regarding his past history. He gave me a lot of information in ways that we could help out Ty's future dental health. We knew he was at high risk because of his NICU start. But I now have better information to help the next set of teeth. He was really really good.

The exam. YIKeS! Tyler did pretty good. He did cry and had some major freak outs at the beginning. He wasn't a fan of getting his teeth "counted"but Dr. Stewart was very good. Tyler calmed down when something familiar ( brushing his teeth) but the flossing was pretty crazy!

( Dr. Stewart does do lap exams and does teach them to go on the chair. He does discuss the options as to what is best for YOU and your child!)

As soon as the cleaning was over Ty was back to his happy self. He proudly walked himself out and got a prize and headed back out to play on the slide in the waiting room. He was a good sport and we will definitely be going back!!

The staff at Dr. Stewart's were amazing and very understanding of Tyler and his issues. They were friendly and went out of their way to help him have a good appointment. I would recommend his office and staff to anyone. We have our appointment set up to return!!

P.S They humored Tyler and brushed, flossed and fluoridated Mickey Mouse. Tyler and Mickey were given a teeth healthy bill of health!

To make it even better, anyone who goes to Little People's Dental and mentions Tyler, this blog or Thru the tulips will get $25 off their first visit.

Another HUGE bonus. There is SO much teeth healthy information on their webpage. Stuff you can refer to after you get all the information at the office!

So.. go, get your teeth cleaned, get all the information to keep your kids healthy and happy and smile perfect teeth!

* Dr. Stewart has rights to PCMC and also surgical centers around the valley. *

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ParkerMama said...


I have a bag of Crayon Rocks that I thought Tyler might like. The only thing is you'd need to come by and pick them up and we are entering lock down season at our house.

But if you'd like to swing by, I'd love to share these with Tyler. Email me.