Sunday, January 2, 2011

House sick?

I think we are all sick. SICK of the four walls of our house!! It is SO true. I can't find the good key to the jeep ( we are on a quest tomorrow!) but we are in DESPERATE need to get out.

The break has been great. I have LOVED having Dallas home. Our house was filled to the brim many weekends and I loved it. Now that it is all dying down I need a plan. I need to get organized, get the house spic and span, rest and relax and grow a BABY!

Ty is in desperate need to have routine and school again. It gets really boring with mom and dad. Especially when mom and dad have been as productive and MUD PIE! We try but really with both of us home we can share the duty of Ty as a crappy sleeper and me as a morning sickness, need to take a napper!

So tomorrow, we will start the day off lazy and clean a little here and there, probably enjoy some puking time and the afternoon. We are OFF. Time for an adventure.

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