Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is August over?

The month of August started out really blah.

REALLY blah.

Quite frankly the summer has kind of sucked. Like a lot. But the Month of August so far has taken the cake. I hope to wake up and have it be September 1st... ( literally, cause T is back in school then)

So the ONE date that I got to go on with Dallas started by us realizing that we had failed yet MISERABLY at getting pregnant and ended up with Dallas having a gal bladder attack. An attack that has lasted 3 weeks, an Insta care visit, and ER visit, 2 outpatient scans and a general surgeon visit. It has resulted in Dallas first surgery EVER in his WHOLE life, in which we have come to the conclusion that he is a HUGE baby when it comes to pain. He will even admit that he has a HUGE pain issue.

As this crappy week has progressed I, YEP ME!!, the mom of the year decided it was the best time to finally just tell Ty he was not a baby and he goes to the bathroom in the toilet. In which we have had 3 wet underpants and one poop pants which resulted in carpets having to be cleaned, a bath taken and Clorox ALL over the house and random poop pieces picked up. Not to mention holding his arms down because he had put his hands in his pants when he realized he pooped and started to cry.

After several happy trips to the potty which Dallas attended, we had no pee success in the potty. On the way BACK down the stairs Dallas grabbed the spare cups that I had been meaning to take down. As Ty got off the stairs I turned around and D was falling down them.

The said cups in hand ended up on the landing at the bottom, broken in LOTS of different large pieces while my broken hubby was sitting on the floor. In horrific pain. I let him sit there so that he could gather himself together. ( I fell off the deck steps a few months ago and I was half embarrassed and half in so much pain I could DIE!) I took out the trash and started to clean the glass around him so we could get him up. In the mean time we realized his leg was bleeding. A LOT.

We got the glass up and Dallas up and the wound was big. He needed stitches according to his wife doctor ( who is generally RIGHT) and I called my sister for help. I needed someone who was able to put Ty to bed, deal with his meds and understand without frustrating him for his night routine. She was perfect.

She let him watch a movie with her and then lady right down next to her and fell asleep. I knew she loved it and I knew he loved it. Off we went to the Insta care.

Because of the location of his "owie" and the location of the surgery owies he couldn't lay down in order for this to really work for anyone so it was kinda a pain. But he is now the proud owner of 7 stitches in his upper leg and on the good side that he could lay down on because of the pain from the surgery.

It puts a damper on my idea of a laid back Birthday and temple trip I wanted to take.


Hopefully I can at least get some shrimp scampi!


The Henrys said...

I sure hope things get better for you! You had had more than your share to deal with this summer!

Shannon said...

Good grief! Wrap yourselves in bubble wrap and count down until Sept 1st. It HAS to be better than August!

Chantel said...

oh my! I hope things begin to look up at the Brown house hold! Maybe you could celebrate your birthday another day?!?! :) sending you healing thoughts!

Miracles Happen said...

Thanks Chantel. Oh and we can PICK our own other birthday!! sweett...

Miracles Happen said...
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