Wednesday, May 26, 2010




Ty has Stitches. Ok really it is the "glue" but it isn't pretty. It is all purple and gross and kinda sad really.

I am going to the Casual Bloggers conference that starts TOMORROW! I knew I needed a bag to carry a laptop, camera, snacks and etc for a weekends worth of STUFF. So I took Tyler and I to Target. We spent way to much time looking at books and stuff and found a bag and decided to treat Tyler to a visit to a park we have never been to.

The weather was actually nice and I wanted to see if the park in town was nice and since it had Trees I was hoping we could maybe visit more often. The park has 2 types of play sets. One for little LITTLE kids and I thought it might be perfect for Toot. But the slides stunk so we took off to the bigger one. He has played on bigger slides and stuff so I got him use to this layout and sat down.

There were a lot of moms there having little "mom relief society of GOSSIP" play dates. ( They were all sitting on a bench gossiping and not over where all of their kids were. No big deal. I brought a BOOK!) Ty started crying and I looked up and he had fallen. Again no big deal. I walked over to where he was and there was blood. A lot of it. I had to run to the other side to climb up the stairs and picked him up. He stopped crying quickly but he started crying again when I started to carry him OFF the playset. He wanted to go down the slide.

I said he could and set him back down and he went and sat at the top of the stairs while a bunch of the Mom's kids pushed him trying to get past. So he started crying. I went back up and got him and carried him SCREAMING off the playset.

We started walking toward the car and he was so upset that he couldn't keep playing. He kept wiping his face and the blood kept COMING. I had nothing to stop it with and wasn't overly prepared for WWIII to happen on my kids face so my thought was to GET HOME. Get it to stop and see if we needed stitches.

As we walked past mom bench one mom was staring and said " Oh wow. Did you clean it off the play ground? I don't want my kids to play in it." I looked at her and proceded to tell her that he didn't get any ON the stupid play ground and that it was all on him and his face and is clothes and ME.

We got in our car and I dialed up D. I could tell he knew there was something wrong and I told him we were around Center street and if he could PLEASE have some wash cloths and some towels ready when we got home and to NOT be freaked when he saw Tyler's face.

( This was the scene that DALLAS saw. Poor dad. I knew it looked worse than it was)

We pulled in and D was ready to go with all the stuff to clean our face. Poor Dad. I felt so bad. The blood was way worse than the cut but it was still REALLY bad.

While I was cleaning I called the pediatrician office and Nurse Jen told us our favorite Doctor was off but Tim could do it. We got to the office about 25 minutes later and she started washing it.

This is where the CP comes in. Ty can't lay flat. His muscles don't work that way. But in order to get him in a position where they needed him to be he had to be "tied" down. As that wasn't working so great, I climbed on top of the exam table and sat on my kid to help the 2 nurses hold him down to get it washed up.

Tim ( Dr. Duffy) came in and the above repeated itself. Tim was able to get it shut with the glue and Jen was able to send us on our way.

We spent the next 45 minutes outside of the doctors office throwing rocks. I didn't have the heart to tell him we were all done and hear him cry again. After sitting for a few minutes the adrenaline of not freaking out and being calm wore off and I was just pissed.

Pissed because it isn't his fault he keeps falling. His poor body can't control itself. He wants so badly to play like the other kids and have them under stand him. Instead we end up in the doctors office. Where they understand and love him and think he is a miracle. But where he STILL can't run, jump and play. Pissed because it will never change. It isn't going to get better. He isn't going to get casts off his feet in a month and be able to ride a bike, or communicate better. Cerebral Palsy will always be there..... as a shadow... one we can't get rid of.

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Liz Autry said...

I can't believe that mom said that! What happened to people who are willing to help in a time like that instead of being critical?

I hope that your son is doing better. :)

And I hope that you have a better time at the play ground the next time you venture out - regardless of the other moms ...