Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas to US!

Many posts in the past 2 years have made mention of our struggle with infertility. Our battle with infertility and endometriosis is not one that is uncommon. So many people suffer. In fact 1 out of 6 couples struggle with infertility. It causes a lot of heartache, sadness, defeating feelings, feelings of inadequacy and LOTS of anger and many many more.

There is never a day that goes by when you have infertility that something doesn't trigger one of the above feelings. Some days even getting out of bed is bad. Really REALLY bad.

Well, for now our struggle and battle is over. It is still early and it is still a hold your breathe kind of time but we are finally able to say we are pregnant. After double and triple doses of fertility medications we are finally seeing 2 lines!

We had our first ultrasound today. Super early! But since we are high risk we get to have things done a little differently. We are not high risk because we used fertility meds. We are high risk because Tyler came 15 weeks early.

We are measuring barely 7 weeks ( which is about right according to our charts) but because of the large scar on my uterus and the muscles that are not lining up correctly we have to go in for a better look on the 28th of December. There is definitely something in there and now we just kinda wait till we get a little bigger.

The plan to ward off a early delivery includes a Cerclage, p17 shots, increased amounts of visits and lots of rest and chocolate. We will see a perinatologist around 12 weeks or as soon as we see that everything is still going good ( after the 28th) then we will be able to sit down and have a chit chat with the Perinatologist.

Because of the scarring on my uterus and the fact that the muscles don't line up so great we are really being watched. But overall we are hoping for a uneventful 36 weeks.

We are super excited and are super glad to not be battling the fertility front at the moment. We are so excited to have a new baby in our home and family.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I will pray that this one hangs out until 37 weeks for you. I went into labor with my first at 26 weeks and never take for granted the blessing that he ended up going full term. He is just a bit older than Tyler. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with a little girl and on bedrest. Though I didn't end up with a preemie I have some understanding of both the joys and anxiety of difficult but very much wanted pregnancies. I wish you the very best!

Matt and Brianna said...

I am supposed to be starting the shots myself!! If insurance would ever cooperate! It was supposed to start last week! I am so happy for you guys!!

The Henrys said...

That's wonderful, amazing news! I will say prayers for a healthy, and LONG pregnancy! Congratulations!

Shannon said...

AMEN! Congrats to you all! I will be praying your little bean stays snug and comfy for another 33 weeks!!

Chesney said...

oh my goodnesss i am so so so so happy for you!!!! congratulations. i hope that everything goes perfectly and that you meet your little one in no less than 30 weeks!!!

sweets said...

I'm so happy for you, good luck!

Janet said...

So so happy for you!