Saturday, May 8, 2010

When you wish upon a star

My nephew Kayden has Hypoplastic kidney disease. His Kidneys never really grew. A few years ago he was given and AWESOME gift from a family who was going through the worst time of their life. He was given a second chance of life by this family who donated their loved ones kidney.

This last year he was finally big enough to make a wish. He was big enough because he was healthy and all that fun stuff. He wanted to meet Buzz Light Year. So they went to Disney World in Florida for a week.

The wish was sponsored by some pretty remarkable people. LOTS of remarkable people. The student body at West Jordan High raised money to give to Make a Wish. This remarkable donations was able to fund 3 FULL wishes.

Kayden was the first wish to ever get to meet his wish makers. It was an awesome experience. It was very emotional and very amazing. I can't wait for us to get one of our own!

Kayden... Raising his star. When you wish upon a star. It doesn't make a difference who you are!

Listening to Kayden and Tammy tell about their trip. Kayden was HILARIOUS!

These are 2 of the girls from the High School that came to be with Kayden for his star raising. They were so sweet. I am glad they got to see it.

A wish wall. A sobering thing to see. We have 3 chronically ill children on my moms side of the Family. Between Kayden, Ty and Daphne we have seen and will be seeing a million miracles. This wall is one of those. There is a story for everything. These Hero's have a story that should be told.
This is Kayden's wish Cake. It had Buzz on it. He asked me to hold up Ty Ty and let him see it. Ty stuck his hand in it. Kayden thought it was SOOO funny and wasn't even mad.

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The Sawyer Bunch said...

That is awesome of the school. How fun for him!!