Saturday, January 9, 2010

YAY speech!

What a whirlwind of the past few months! We have talked about communication with Tyler a MILLION times I swear. The roller coaster dips SO low on that one. But I can honestly say that the upswing is going slow.... but going UP!

Therapy is going. Really.. just going. We don't see major strides in therapy. I don't know if it is the therapist or just the whatever. I don't know. He literally cries through most of therapy. The therapist and Tyler are like oil and water. I think they have had ONE productive session.

What I think is making a HUGE difference is his school and being around kids. Though we don't have my nieces and nephews much the little bit of time they spend with my brothers and sisters kids is making HUGE strides. And school! Oh my. He can sing EVERY letter of the alphabet sound. It is SUPER cute.

When my sisters kids come, she has 2 boys that Ty is stuck right in the middle age wise. He loves to follow them around and try and do the things they do. They are much louder than he is use to but he tries so hard to participate. And Lexi, has a follower fast.

The little girl across the street goes to school with Ty 2 days a week. When we get off the bus at her house he says Eh, Eh (her name is Ellie) and points till he can shake her hand and touch her. Her mom is the Primary President so she sees him participate with the kids.

Last week in Primary, he stood up with the sharing time because his name was called. He stood up there during the sharing time holding a glove for the spirit and the body lesson. He sang the songs and all that fun stuff.

The last few days we have had kinda limited mommy.( she has been SUPER sick) and so we have read a lot of books. Tyler has been found doing something that I have NEVER heard him do.

He is saying




Tonight when he asked for food he signed Food and said the F sound. He was offered Waffles or Toaster strudels. After showing him the box backwards ( he was trying to look around at the box front) he looks at me, grins and says T - T. And runs off to play. Fully expecting me to give him the T T that he just asked for.

I did.. And he ate them.. All day long we have heard words ranging from B(arney), Chochoo for train, miKey mouse. ( he says Ke) He sings, he dances and he says SOUNDS, that resemble WORDS..... Yes SOUNDS that resemble words.

Prayers at night rock. Both Dallas and I go away feeling so good. He is so sweet. He says SHH for Sheena. And T for Tyler. And D for Dad and m for mom... He is getting it.

On a scale of 1-10 in my frustration level with it...... I am at a 4.... NOTHING pretty much. It is doing great.

Huge strides... Huge strides.

I want to figure out what is in his head and keep working till we get it all out... Who wouldn't want to hear what his miracle voice sounds like!

Go Tyler... Keep going....


~NICKY~ said...

i loved having the experience to listen to him talk during the prayer. he KNOWS what he is saying just has a hard time getting it out and I realized that. and his sweet little voice when he talks is to die for! love ya ty!

Josephine said...

This is such wonderful news!!! He is making such great progress! Well done Tyler!
We had a PT one who was no good with Avery - she cried the whole time, and it was horrible. To me, it is completely NOT worth it, because she doesn't get anything done when she's crying. I would maybe look into getting a different therapist if I were you...

Amelia said...

a-maz-ing! Oh I'd just about die to be able to post the same thing for Oliver. One day. Good job mama! And Dad!

ThePreemie Experiment said...

Woo Hoo!! Go Tyler Go!!