Saturday, February 13, 2010

A long time coming

I am so proud of Tyler. There are so many things that he has been doing that have made me smile. He is working SO hard to get to where he is. So many things have had to come together to get him to do what he was doing today.

Tyler loves outside. After him and his dad got back from a dad outing he wanted his shoes and socks off. As soon as they were off he was ready to play.... OUTSIDE! in 46* weather.

I of course thinks it is great that he will pull himself away from Mickey Mouse or the Little Einsteins enough to enjoy something else, but even more ecstatic when he is all BOY!

I could hear sounds while I was in the kitchen and heard an " oh no" come out of Tyler's mouth and came to the door to see he had found his Heffalump elephant ( that has been IN the dirt since summer) and he was saying "oh no" because he was dirty. So I made Heffalump a bath with a bowl and we got him all clean. Just in time to go out and throw dirty with Leo and Barney.

Ty climbed through the dirt to get the hose and he was just jabbering away. So I went to get Dallas. Dallas came out and played with Tyler. Ty figured out how to get ALL of his animals in his arms at one time from point A to point B and then ring around the Rosie's were all set!
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Ring around the Rosie's with Tyler, Heffalump, Leo and Barney and Dad. What a better combination. Tyler was in HEAVEN.

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After a ring around the Rosie party Dad and Tyler decided to play soccer but our best friend Barney had to participate. Tyler is teaching Barney how to kick. We even got the "ki" Sound out of Tyler when his dad asked him to say Kick. We heard a lot of Go, signed a lot of Dad and please but had a KI word with a dad sign and please. THREE WORDS!!

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Tyler even got in on the kicking action with a little Pooh Kicks and soccer. He would "kick" and run after and give it to dad for dad to kick in the air. They would go back and forth and then the giggles.
OH!! The giggles. He giggles so hard he falls over.

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And really who doesn't want this cute kid on their team. He is a awesome cheerleader and awesome kid overall. He is so great.

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Look at that form. Look at that SHOT! He would be any persons pick for their team.

And what would the day be like unless we can sit down with our friends and clap and smile and play!

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Ty and Barney, Leo and Heffalump. The best of friends.
The best part is that he is pretend playing with these "friends"
(PS. Barney and Tyler are potty training. Hence the Thomas on Barney)


Larry Reeves said...

Wow, Nancy! He's growing up so much.

MJP said...

Hi Nancy, I'm not sure if you remember me but we e-mailed each other a few months ago. I have to tell you that reading this post made me smile! Tyler is such a cutie! He looks like he was having a grand 'ole time out there with his buddies--adorable!! I know your heart is swelling with love and pride:) Go Tyler, go!!

Chantel said...

What a CUTE kid! I love that Barney has on underwear :) The kids got their packages from Ty and LOVED them. Thanks for thinking of them.

Rich said...

Great shots...

~NICKY~ said...

thanks for coming up yesterday with the valentines. I loved spending time with ty. It took a bit for him to be ok with me but once we got to the mirror, he was ok. :)

Matt and Brianna said...

Yay!!!!! I love it! I love it! I love it!! He is so cute kicking that ball!! Yay for Ty!!

Melissa said...

Nancy!!! I am so happy for Tyler! I know how exciting this is and how Tyler has worked to get to this point. It's so amazing to see wonderful breakthroughs like this, then you realize all the hard work is paying off. I love all his cute action shots too. What a fun afternoon!

Grandma Labrum said...

Tyler looks so happy with his friends. Playing in the backyard is always so much fun.