Monday, April 12, 2010


I am a little sad I don't have a decent picture but he won't hold still. No worries then! He MUST be fine.... RIGHT?

So the back story.. Every Sunday ( or as many Sundays as we can) we get to go to Grandma Browns house for Sunday dinner. It is one of the highlights of Tyler's week. ( I think) He has been doing SO good with eating and sitting and playing with his cousins Lilly and Noah.

At Grandma's there is a coffee table that is by the couches. I think she has secrectly been worrying about when one of the kiddos are gonna fall and hit their sweet face and not look so hot after.

SO in true Tyler fashion we have made grandma NOT worry and have fallen and hit our SWEET face. He was sitting on the couch and tried to get off, ( we don't remember if he was sitting on me or just the couch it all happened so fast) and he hit the table.

At first I thought it was his teeth, which was BAD cause they are capped teeth and well, that kids teeth are EXPENSIVE, then I thought oh no HIS NOSE!

As I instinctual bent down to grab my child I expected blood EVERYWHERE!
But nope. Barely a drop!

Grandma was sickened by the sound and was SO upset that she left and everyone else jumped into action. His nose barely bleed. Got him to stop crying and did the Neurology wait. You know, don't let them fall asleep, make sure they aren't groggy. The only one he REALLY failed was are his eyes moving! ( haha...)

We went outside to play and throw rocks, walked around and he settled right down and we noticed a little swelling on his nose but figured we would just watch it.

As we got him ready for bed I said I think his nose is crooked. But we thought we would wait and see what it looked like in the morning. This morning we had the really GOOD look. It was crooked and a lot swollen and a lot bruised.

We called the pediatrician office this morning. We talked to his nurse and she said that she really wants the doc to see him. Dr. Nagle thought that it would be best to check the nose and MAKE SURE and because he has other issues including sleep apnea that it would be smarter.

So we went to therapy and he did AMAZING and we are working on something HUGE with PT. So exciting something too!!

Our Doc's appointment was so fast. The nurses LOVE Tyler so he is always a big hit with them so we had them all come in and try and talk to him. Marissa ( our Doc) came in and she looked straight on and said " Oh his sweet nose" and we got him to hold still kinda and up she looked. She said yep!! It is broken and we don't even need to get ex rays because you can SEE that it is broken. The other side had scabs coming already and his nose started bleeding. She was so sad. He was just mad she kept trying to wipe his nose.

So ENT appointment on Friday at 1. Possible surgery needed to correct it. If NOT then we will wait and do that in June. If we can't wait then we will do the nose and see if they will do the tonsils we will do that with the nose. But we won't know much more till Friday.

Till then I promise to force pictures on my kid!!

Coffee table-1 Tylers face -0


Amber said...

OH NO!!!! MY POOR NEPHEW TYLER!!! Your family just can't catch a brake. I hope everything turns out all right. Robin and I will keep Ty in our prayers. SLY!!!!

~NICKY~ said...

He is officially part of the Labrum's now with the Labrum nose! :) I love my bubba even though all I heard yesterday at lunch was "no no!" or "no no mama"

Preemie Miracle said...

He only said no because he was tired. But no worries. He told Dallas no no mama today

Matt and Brianna said...

Poor baby! I hope all works out for the best for the poor little tooter! Let us know how it goes at ENT!