Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tyler went to the CIRCUS

*Oh MY GOODNESS!! This will totally have picture overload so I tried to limit them but Grandma would be mad if I didn't include SOME.*

On Tyler's birthday we were offered 2 tickets to the circus. I told Tyler we were going to go to the circus and he was so excited. We were waiting to see if we could get an extra ticket and were worried that D wasn't going to be able to go with us. LATE the night before the Circus we were offered one more ticket. We were so excited to go.

The next morning I woke up throwing up and sick, sick, sick. I spent the whole morning throwing up and was REALLY not sure if I could make it. I was so sad and upset. Come afternoon I was feeling MUCH better and Tyler couldn't stop talking about the circus. When he got off the bus he asked for the circus, when he went to bed the night before he asked about the circus.

We had no idea where we were sitting but were told it was "handicapped accessible." Normally that means that it is pretty easy to get to but not at the ES arena. So we arrived in time for the pre-show which gave Tyler a chance to be out on the floor with some performers up close so he could see.

While we were there Tyler and Dallas stayed and I needed to run and see if we could get our seats changed. The handicapped seats were very far away and he wouldn't be able to see. When I went down to the problem ticket counter and asked if they could change our seats. At first they said no because the tickets were comp'd by the show and not purchased by anyone. I thanked them and left.

We got some yummy dinner food from the concessions ( blah.. ) and of course popcorn. Ty ate the WHOLE thing. We sat down and got a tap on our shoulder from the problem ticket dude who asked us to follow him.

He offered us seats in the 4th row. It was seriously amazing being that close to all of the performers. I was VERY impressed. What made it even better was Tyler and his expression as they did their thing.

The Ringmaster was very good, but very loud. He rarely stood still for longer than three seconds.
As the circus started Ty shoveled in the popcorn. I am not sure if he was nervous or what. He ate almost the whole container of popcorn. He was VERY good through the whole thing.

This is the lady that twirls on a really high rope by her hair! so incredibly NUTS.

The crazy motorcycle riders.
Ty decided to sit with Dallas through the last part of the show. I think he is excited a little bit.

I love the Elephants. They are such HUGE cute animals. There is something majestic about them and I really liked them. At the end of the circus they brought out the newest member of the crew and it was a baby elephant. Ty pointed and said " Baby Elephant and his mommy."

And the end of the show! It really was the best show on earth. Ty loved it and he was awake and aware of everything around him. It was a show of wonder, awe and most of all SEEING!

We have just recently noticed that his vision is something that really does impact so many things. Something small, like sitting close to the circus, means SO much.

Special thanks to those who gave us the tickets to go. At the cost of the seats that we needed it would have cost us well over 300 bucks. We had the best time and Ty still talks about his trip to the circus.

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singedwingangel said...

I am so glad that he got to go and they changed the seats for him to see everything.. How awesome are those pictures

Grandma Labrum said...

He was so excited about it. Loved the pictues.

Lynette said...

Tyler's face says it all. So happy that everyone had a good time at the circus.