Sunday, November 28, 2010


I really like Thanksgiving and have many wonderful memories of having Thanksgiving with my Grandpa Rue in his wood shop and at the Labrum's in Logan. It's funny, I remember going to both sides and "sharing" but I mostly remember the times with my mom's family.

I am glad to be back to Utah and in the last 2 years we have now been with both families. Because my mom lives so far ( like 2 WHOLE hours) they decided to come up to my house and have my sisters come. ( My brother lives out of state) We also had my mom's sister Linda come with us too.

My mom and dad drove up early and got here to start cooking around 8 am. My mom and I literally cooked up to the time to eat. I got a shower in at the LAST second. My house is not large by any means and we had about 12 people here. It was full and fun!

My sister and her kids were here. Tyler was so excited. He wanted Lexi to come and play basketball all week and he LOVES having the "kids" over to play. As soon as they get here they are all off upstairs playing. ( playing is relative!)

We had a great dinner that tasted so yummy. It was so good and had all the trimmings. We had some lovely entertainment from Tyler and his story telling. He kept calling his Aunt Nicky, Nicky poo poo. He demanded everyone clap and would keep going when people laughed.

After dinner we sat around, laughed and talked. After all the playing and laughing my sister and Aunt Linda had to leave. Ty had played with the kids so much he curled up on my dads lap and he rocked with him for a little bit.


Bed time was a well deserved rest for me. I fell asleep after just a few minutes. Ready to take on the next day of tying quilts and enjoying my mom and sisters. The kids came and entertained Tyler and they had so much fun.

Tyler is such a follower. He would follow my sisters kids anywhere if they let him. They are really good to him. It is nice to see him enjoy the company. Poor Lexi was dragged from here to there and he would look at her and say PWEASE and she would smile and go along.


We tied a quilt for Dallas and Lexi stayed the night to have a "Spa night" with Nana. We ate burgers, painted her nails, did a huge bubble bath with the jet spa tub and she did wax stuff on her hands. She stayed up late eating popcorn and watching movies. ( I did not however get a photo!)

Saturday was a busy day of quilt tying. We did 4 of them and the kids will be so excited when Christmas comes. Ty was totally excited for yet another full day of "kids" to play. We knew Sunday was gonna be a rough one!

Today ( Sunday) we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My house had a whole thing of yarn on the floor! Ty was without playmates for the first time in a week. He was so cute and kept asking Dallas for a brother or sister to play. As IF we could go to the store and get one!

Stay tuned for blizzard pictures and an update from the neurosurgeon

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