Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonsils, phenol and a mess with no casts

What a LONG and exhausting day.

So there was a bit of * confusion* yesterday and I was so SO close to canceling it. Sometimes docs tick me off.

Ty's original surgery was scheduled for last week. We had set it up so that we would do his tonsils, adenoids and then do his Phenol injections and have him casted. We figure why not just tick him off royally and be done with it all in just a few weeks. The ENT we have and our Rehab doc said they would work together to get it all done at one time.

In between our initial consult Ty broke his nose. TWICE.( The second time he fell down the stairs!) One really whacked it out and the second whacked it back. They wanted to make sure that everything was good and that we got it the way it needed to be. Dr. ENT had his nurse make the calls to get Gooch in with the surgery. A date was given.

A week ago was the date. We were getting geared up and knew how long it would take and what we would be missing by serial casting, but the date was set.

2 days before, they called and canceled.

You see... Dr. Gooch is .. um a very limited type of Doc. There aren't many of her around .She decided she could only do it YESTERDAY at 9. If it wasn't right at 9 she wasn't going to do it. When they called to tell me what we were on for and Gooch wasn't on the list I THREW A HUGE fit...

We had to have this day for HER. And the ENT made a little phone call and we were told that he called and told her that we are symptomatic with her stuff and that we had changed the date for her and so she agreed to follow through with our original plan.

PCMC called and gave us our time and said Dr. Gooch was now on the schedule. We were scheduled early ( the ONLY bonus to a snotty doc). We got there on time and did our thing. I was unimpressed with the first nurse or CNA that we had. She was not willing to take the time to either DO the temps and weights with Mickey mouse first so she got a very unwilling child.

When it came time to changing his clothes from his Mickey Pj's he was not having it. So I reached into their draw and got out infant surgery socks ( I KNOW they cost like a million dollars) and put some on Mickey and THEN Ty was fine with changing. ( oh and Mickey had a hospital bracelet too!)

The Dr. ENT came and talked to us in the waiting room and answered everything that we had questions on. We waited for the Anesthesiologist ( who was amazing) and she talked to us about Ty's history and stuff.

They offered versed. Ty has a hard time with Anesthesia. But we found he had an even harder time when he had versed. By hard time I mean he is aggressive and mean. REALLY aggressive. Like if you were a young man, you wouldn't have children. He kicks, screams, pulls and tries to climb off the bed. Even when I am there he fights. HARD.

We took the versed because they assured us that the last time it was just because it was a short surgery. Ty sat with his dad and got loopy and funny and cute. The anesthesiologist said she wanted him now and that she would send Gooch in when she got down. She didn't want to miss the window of Ty being loopy enough.

We did the traditional hardest walk of America. Dallas carried him and then handed him off to the Anesthesiologist. Ty was SOO cute. Not a tear. In fact he kissed her! Because there were no tears from him I was fine. Dr. ENT took him on in with the Anesthesiologist and we went to wait for Dr. Gooch.

Dr. Gooch came in and told us what she was going to do. Wondered if we should do botox ( which we DID NOT!) and then we talked to her about his casts. She looked at us as if we were growing something out of our heads. She was not " prepared" to cast him but we "could" take him in to Shriner's and have them do it.

We were kind of mad. Mostly because she always seems to never check a freaking chart before she comes in to talk to us. We do see her at Shriner's but there would have to be SOMETHING that she can read so she knows who the heck we are.

As long as he got the shots we knew we could survive. So we headed into check into the parent waiting room and then went to grab some food. Who knew when we would next eat and if we were staying and how long so we took advantage.

When Dr. Hill came out and let us know how it went. Ty did really well and he was very glad we did it. His tonsils were pretty big and the adenoids were big too. He said he lost VERY little blood so he was lifting our hold for over night but if he couldn't keep his oxygen he would have us stay but the anesthesiologist would be watching and she would totally lift the hold so we would just have to wait.

Dr. Gooch never came to see us but I was sent back to the recovery room. Ty was a PISSED off kid. He was so mad. If I hadn't gotten back there they weren't sure they could have gone much longer without restraining him. We are pretty sure that we are not doing the versed again.

They called and got the reversal med for the versed and he calmed down a lot more. They gave him his last dose of morphine and he needed blow by. He was sent into his own room and we were MUCH calmer. He was given loratab and was MUCH calmer. He even asked for Mickey Mouse and Leo.

It seemed pretty smooth sailing from there. We both kind of had a little anxiety that needed to be walked off and soon we were packing to leave. Ty did a great job. He was eating and everything.

Home was even better. It seemed that all emotions are let loose at home but with a few tears from mom and LOTS of happy smiles from Ty we were good to go.

As his meds wore off he was a little more crabby. We have a hard time getting him to take them but if we get them in him he is GOOD!

Last night was great. He didn't take any naps after he woke from surgery so we put him down his normal time. He was a little garggly ( is that a word) and once the meds wore off he was a BEAST.

*He was up at 5:30 for the day and didn't take a nap the WHOLE day. When medicine wears off he is kind of a beast but he is HONESTLY doing really well.*

He is eating and smiling and crying and whining and not liking mom being gone out of his sight. He is a good kid and we are hoping for a continued fast recovery.

* A special thanks to those who have texted, messaged and called. And an EXTRA special thank you to the ones who to visit.*

* pictures are from when we came home. He saw his big Mickey blanket and looked at me and smiled and said COOL!*


carly said...

I'm so glad he is better. Gooch sounds like a piece of work! Why don't these medical people listen to the parents!?! We know our kids! Once Wesley had to get an IV (he was almost 3). They had 2 nurses to do it. I kindly informed them that the 3 of us would not be able to hold him down, and sure enough 5 minutes later after unsuccessfully trying to insert it, 2 more nurses in the hall were summoned in to hold him down. They should understand that we don't want our sweet kids to be traumatized by their ignorance!
He's a dang cute kid =)

Tammy said...

Things get easier as they get older. I am glad that he is doing well. All of my kids do pretty good with the versed, but after the surgery they are mean and upset simply because of the anesthesia wearing off and just because. I guess as long as he was loopy that is a good thing, at least it worked when it needed to. How long was the surgery? As long as you keep up his pain meds he will do just fine. I guess when he starts to get crabby just give him a dose of medication. I would keep doing it at least for the next few days and then start to ease off it as he is starts to heal. He will heal better and faster too if he isn't in pain.

Preemie Miracle said...

things got easier because he can tell us versus just cry! That should have happened 2 years ago :) The whole procedure was just over an hour. Gooch needed 20 minutes and tonsils were like 40. We do pain meds every 3.5 hours instead of waiting for the 4 hour mark. Not waiting till they are total gone makes it easier to take them. He is active in-between then so we will see.

Tomorrow he will have 2 girls from the neighborhood here to watch him for a few hours. So we will see how he does.

Amber said...

I am SO GLAD Ty is doing great!!! I hope he continues to recover and improve. SLY!!!!

katherine said...

we have seen dr. g up at pcmc and neither i or my husband were impressed with her at all. she saw our son for like 5 minutes and came to the conclusion that he had a certain version of CP - and blah blah blah - he totally doesn't show any signs of this type, whatever! anyway, thanks for blogging. hope ty recovers well and fast!