Monday, November 29, 2010

Sensory Santa

One thing we RARELY do is go to the mall. I had never thought about it until we had Tyler but aside from the germs, it is a sensory overload. The smells, the sounds, the stuff to look at. Sometimes it can be a bit much.

Late last night I remembered we had a neurosurgery appointment and knew we would need to leave early because it was storming, all night! I got Ty breakfast and started to get ready. The snow was PILING up and I decided to call and make sure I got the time right. Just as we were getting ready to go out the door they called and said that I was amazing and forgot the RIGHT date and didn't have an appointment today and that we would have to reschedule.

Instead of disappointing Tyler I told him we were going to go look for a present for Daddy. He got super excited and starting saying " Going to find a Christmas wish box for Daddy." ( Little Einsteins movie. CUTE movie!)

We drove through town because the freeway was a disaster and we ended up at the mall. I was super curious to see how he would react and there is only ONE freaking Disney store in Utah. We walked the mall and went to the Disney store. He was NOT loving it. There was to much noise. We left fast.

We walked past Santa and I asked the people if Tyler could walk up to Santa ( seeing that there was NO line at ALL!!) and see if he liked him before I paid out a million bucks for a picture. At first he was a little not sure but he talked to him. But wouldn't sit on his lap.

We left and headed to the play area. We met a nice lady there who also had a Tyler and a twin Tanner. Tanner has hydrocephalus and a rare brain disorder. We ended up talking for a while and found we had the same neurosurgeon.

After the play place I asked Ty if he wanted to get a picture with Santa for Daddy and he said yes. We headed back through the mall and paid the million bucks for the CD. Timidly walked up and Ty sat on his lap. He told Santa that he wanted a Handy Manny big job movie in his Christmas wish box! We even got a few photos.

Ty santa.jpg
We left through Tai Pan trading and Ty found himself a wish box. He was in love. I was glad to be out of there. Ty did really well but when we got home from our adventure he had a few meltdowns until he was all by himself where he could kinda let his emotions loose.

The things we adapt to seems so weird when I look back and think that we don't take him certain places because of what effect it has on his system. Life has a funny way of adapting to make it work.


singedwingangel said...

AWw I love the pic and I am so glad that Ty did really well considering the circumstances. Glad he found his wish box

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