Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

This year Christmas was MAGICAL! After 5 years we had a talking child and he has talked non stop about Christmas wish boxes, Santa and most recently about the reindeer, the Sleigh and Santa. Not to mention he really wanted " Handy Manny big job!" With much consistency too!

Ty was out of school most of the week so I got to have him home with me. We had last minute stuff to get all week and a few days we were planning to go out we found our self trapped by morning sickness. ( No worries, we are happily taking the morning sickness because then we KNOW we are still growing!) Ty was a trooper and even braved Salt Lake a little.

Come Thursday and the poop incident I knew that Christmas would be anything but boring. Friday we looked forward to the grwanpa's truck bringing signs of Santa, More Christmas and most of all GRWANPA and Grwanma!

After they went to drop off the other Christmas eve gifts, they came to join our house and get ready for bed. We opened the amazing grandparent gift of pajama's ( Thank you traditions!) and got ready to put the reindeer food outside. It was then that we realized he has misunderstood some of what was going on.

Ty thought that the reindeer food was going out to reindeer already IN OUR YARD! When that didn't happen the ensuing drama of not ACTUALLY getting to go with Santa and the Reindeer and the sleigh started. Oh he was SOOO sad. It took an awful lot of convincing that Santa comes when we are asleep and that we will have to take a ride on the sleigh another day.

The bath was short lived, his tears long lived but he went to sleep quickly and seemed to sleep well ( after coming to my bed anyway) I woke off and on through out the night and heard my dad get up around 4 am. I was up at 7. We spent a little over a half hour or so just talking, me and him. ( I love him. He is such a great person. I forget how much I loved the time we had when we did floors.) Ty woke around 7:30 am and was incredibly happy. He loved his tool bench that was put together and LOVED that it had a "cuckoo clock."

We soon got down to business and started opening presents. He slowly was losing interest and so with MORE presents to spare we went ahead and had him open his Handy Manny Big job. It took him the rest of the day to open some of the other stuff.



We started our big traditional Christmas Breakfast. ( Dallas' family did them forever, and we started doing them when we were on our own so we have kept doing it!) Quickly our house filled with people.

My Aunt Linda came with us and shortly after my brother and his 2 kids came. His wife didn't come due to some personal issues but we happily took her kids! My sister Nicky came and Tammy and her family came LATE as usual and they were all here to eat a yummy breakfast.

We had a few super fun gifts to open and was able to spend some time with Max for his "birthday" that is coming up. We haven't been able to get a time slot to do anything else with them while they are here so we packed it on in.

Soon everyone trickled out and we were left with our little family. We had Grandma and grandpa relaxing and trying to debate if they wanted to beat the weather or wait it out. So they gradually left to fight the weather. Leaving us to ourselves and our little family.

Ty finally finished opening presents and the best used present of the day was Nanni and poppi's island adventure Thomas set. It has been played with non stop for 2 days. Thank you.


Christmas was wonderful this year. It is bitter sweet. Next year we will be a family of 4! How exciting. It was the first year that Tyler got it. We are so excited to see what happens next.


The spirit of Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas is not something we find under a tree. It is what is AROUND the tee, not UNDER that makes our world go round. It makes the true meaning of Christmas come alive.

Merry Christmas family! Especially those who decided not to come or that we couldn't be with. May you know that you and yours are always in our prayers.

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