Monday, June 14, 2010

Parenting- It is easier with words

For 4 years I have been waiting for a BIG huge break in words and get to the point where I am able to have a conversation with my son. Though he has always had gestures you can't have a full on conversation just using gestures ( unless the gesture was a middle finger~)

Lots of groaning and uuuuing was going. Points, cries and screams and the the big black meltdown.

Somewhere between April and May we notice that some of the things coming out of his mouth at random were actually WORDS. Real WORDS. Words that were able to be understood by other people not just his mom.

In the last month I have been the at home mom and we are adding words left and right. Today, for example, Ty was wanting to climb on something. He said climb ( sounds like cimb)and he said help peas. For he wants to climb and help him please.

I asked him what drink he wanted for dinner and I got Purple. I said you want a purple cup and he said yes, brought me the purple cup and happily took it with his meal.

Getting dressed in the morning is done with such grace and begins with "Ty what color shirt do you want to wear? " The answer: Super sle and he gets the wear a super sleuth shirt. Or he is asked to go get his clothes and he does it.

When we say stop he says stop and does what he is asked.

I really have to say parenting got MUCH easier when we started to communicate.

That is and has been the BIGGEST reason we waited for so long to have another baby. We needed our current baby to be able to tell us he is sick or to tell us what he needs. Not to have a 5 year old be surpassed by a 1 year old in speech.

So here we are. Reaching all the goals that we wanted to reach before we had another baby. They are all reached, He is walking, talking and communicating... so what next.

What a trip to see all spectrum's of life. I am glad we are where we are. May the more speaking begin.


Cynthia said...

I'm so glad he's making such great progress. Each little bit is a miracle.

The Mom said...

Yay! Glad to hear your finally getting to hear his cute voice say fun things. It's the best sound.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Fantastic! May you have many more words in coming months :)

Amber said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!!! I am SOOO HAPPY for the 3 of you!!!! Robin and I CAN'T WAIT to hear Ty talk when we see you in August. SLY!!!!

Monica said...

That is so awesome! Speech does simplify parenting, doesn't it.

CNP said...

That is so GREAT!!! We do the signing with our 1 year old and it helps so much with words he cannot say yet. It really is so much easier once they can tell you what they want insead of you going through a mental check list!