Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amber and Robin

A long time ago in a far away land I lived and breathed Missionary work. I went on a 18 month mission for the LDS church. The far away, and VERY exotic land was Indiana. Trust me... it was foreign.

Along with Hoosier balls, Hoosier pets, Ball State and Hoosier chilli a little city was nestled up in the north. A place most famous for Touch Down Jesus and the Holy war of Football, Notre Dame, was a city called South Bend. My most favorite place in the entire mission. One day I was sent away. A little more to the east..... GOSHEN!

I was given a new little companion named Amber. She was a shy little gal! She was awkward, and a little unsure of herself. But I loved her. And we soon became friends. Then we became companions and then it was all over from there.

After a long time being apart Amber finally came to Utah and we decided that we were going to meet up and talk and have a great day together. She was going to be bringing her other half( Twin sister) that I hadn't met before and I was going to introduce my amazing other half and half pint.

Amber and Robin brought Ty a HUGE stash of fun stuff. He got a new mickey mouse blanket, a disneyland shirt and a NEW mickey mouse. All direct from Disneyland. They also made me a doll that looks like Tyler did when he was a baby. She even go the weight right.

We talked for a bit then headed off to Thanksgiving point to eat at the Trellis Cafe and enjoy the 2 buck Tuesdays.

We took off into the gardens. They are SOOO pretty.

We took off walking and letting Ty ride in his stroller but he was NOT having it. He took off up the hill with Robin and Amber.

We walked over by the water falls and by that point we figured out why Ty was being so snotty. He had figured out this is where we went to play in the water. He was right. So we started over toward the Noah's ark. They had so many kids there to play they would only let kids in for 20 minutes and you had set times to go in the water. We got there at 2 and his time was 5. We convinced him we could go home and play in the pool at our house.

We LOVED spending time with Amber and Robin. It was such a great experience. It is so amazing to see how much these girls love my boy! They Adore him. He LOVED them. He warmed up to them fast and he has not stopped playing with his animals since.

Thanks for the time spent here Amber and Robin. Next up.. us going to the beach with YOU!

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Amber said...

THANK-YOU NANCY FOR THE AMAZING DAY WE HAD TOGETHER!!!! We had such a great time talking with you, playing with Ty and meeting Dallas. We hope that you all come visit us soon. SLY!!!!