Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For Dallas that is!! I know, what a turn of events. Usually it is the little tyke and not the big one. The pain that was making Dallas sick turned out to be his Gall Bladder. I totally called it about 2 weeks before (and a few hundred bucks of tests and copays) the doctors would even talk to us. And if I hadn't been such a pain and just got him an appointment with a general surgeon we would STILL be waiting.

So he got an xray when we went to the insta- care ( the IHC monopoly version of urgent care.) the day after he got sick. He was then given an ultrasound and it was negative. The next day he ended up in the ER. It was a Friday but I was so mad that no one would take us serious that I had already called a General surgeon's office and made an appointment. He couldn't see us for a week and in between that time we were given a Hida scan and results were that it needed to be out.

So Monday morning we got a sitter for Tyler and we left the house around 7:30 am and he was in surgery around 9. He has never had surgery before so him waking up was really hard. The doc said he did well in surgery and that the gal bladder was in need of coming out. Gave me the instructions and then I Waited.... and waited some more.

Once back to the room Dallas was not loving that he still hurts. The pain is different so I guess it was a good thing to get it out.

Tyler did great. He LOVES the neighbors house. He loves Payton and Logan and the girls. I swear he would live there if I would let him. It is nice to have such amazing neighbors and amazing friends in this ward.

Tomorrow is a new day. Dallas is currently asleep, Ty is currently asleep and I am enjoying the sounds of nothing. Tomorrow is a gonna be filled with errands, slavery and love!


singedwingangel said...

OH as a fellow gall bladderless soul he doesn't need any dairy products for about a month and avoid high grease foods as well. Trust me. The docs as a rule forget to tell you this but eating those things will put you right back in misery.. Glad he got it out though.

The Henrys said...

I hope Dallas has a fast and easy recovery!

I had my GB removed a month after giving birth to my son. It was hard, but at least I wasn't having gallbladder attacks anymore! Everyone said that this is an easy surgery, but it was hard for me to recover.