Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Conference weekend

Easter and Conference weekend ended up being the same weekend this year. I was some how invovled in getting some of the word out for our mission reunion. For those not "aware" of what missions/reunion are we get together with our mission president and chit chat and see what we have all done over the years since leaving. Interesting really!

My little sister ( who is 27) babysat Mr. Toot for Dallas and I so that we could go. We were going to color eggs on Friday but due to an unforeseen accident Granny and Gramps didn't make it up in time. So instead Nicky took my kid and my sisters kids went with the G's ( grandma and grandpa) and off they went to the magical world of hanging with the G's.

Apparently this included playing at Mcdonalds and then subsequent swimming where Aunt Nicky said that Ty played till his heart was content. He also got a little "confused" when my OTHER sister got there.

So the "other" sister story....... We apparently look alike. Which we do. But for some reason no matter how long we have been apart if Ty doesn't have me there he thinks that I am here. To the point of being jealous that she is helping her own kids!

YES Tyler does know who his mommy is. BUT she looks like me and to a visually impaired kid we look alike. She is a good sport. But I think it ticks of the OTHER sister :)

Anyway, Saturday we spent the day in Logan having Easter egg hunts. The Smart me deleted his first Easter egg hung but he was doing great till he found an egg on something he really wanted to play on and then it was done.

Afterwards we drove back to my parents hotel room. They stayed in a hotel that had a small water park in it. I didn't have my suit so you get spared the photos of my CURVY body!

Ty LOVED the water park. I had Meanly told him all week when the G's got there he would be able to go swimming. Sure enough, he asked for swimming almost the SECOND they go there.

Here are the swimming photos!!! FUN!

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I am not sure who had more fun... Grandpa or Tyler. I know that Ty NEVER stops.. so I am thinking they both went away tired. Thanks mom and dad for the great hotel and pool and LOTS of energy!


Grandma Labrum said...

We all had a great time!

~NICKY~ said...

The weekend wore ME out!

Amber said...

AWWW! What a fun weekend!!!! I'm glad you went to the mission reunion. I will have to go to another one sometime. Maybe next year we can go together. SLY!!!!