Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Pants

My mom is a MASTER educator. She is such a good teacher. She makes me laugh. She is at school till 6 ever single night and can be found there as early as 7 am give or take an hour. EVEN when she calls me wondering why I am not answering at 7:3o am we forgive her diligence.

UEA rolled around and this year I was so proud of her for attending. She is such a good teacher and she always looks for ways to better herself and teach those kids in her class. The best part, she keeps us on our toes in ways we can to do better for those sweet kids she loves more than me! (aka grand kids)

Also with UEA comes a time that I am SURE will become traditions because we like it and it leaves something to be talked about for days and days. ( and DAYS!!!!!!)

My mom and dad got a hotel in Salt Lake that has a water park. YES! A water park. And POOR super sad baby who HATES the water. ( NOT!) He was ecstatic to play in it. It also gave him a chance to do something he has never ever ever done in my obsessed and paranoid and demented mind... Chuckie cheese.( EWWWW GROSS!!) Seriously, I could feel the infestation of ecoli and rotovirus and chlamydia ( OK, maybe not chlamydia... but something way, way worse) all over. I almost threw up. But I allowed my child to enjoy the games of throwing balls, getting tickets and turning them in for a cheap blow up hammer toy that he runs around screaming BAM BAM with! He did love it. He loved playing the games. The balls and basketballs were a great addition for him

( The down fall of chuckie cheese other than the germs... It is NOT a handicapped accessible place. Several children were in wheelchairs and they are very limited to games and the space between those games was, well, not wheelchair friendly. But giving our tickets to them made them excited.)

My dad enjoyed the games at chuckie cheese almost as much as the kids. He would be founds shooting hoops, throwing balls, playing games and there would be no such grandkid around him. Always a kid at heart!

He took turns getting his picture drawn by the chuckie cheese machine and he helped Tyler do all he wanted to do. Grandpa also rocked at the basketball game.

We sat down to eat pizza, played the rest of our tickets and coins and headed off to the above mentioned hotel with a pool. Ty was so excited.

When we got to the hotel we had a minor Poop incident ( NOT by Tyler) that we were glad to have been able to get in a chlorinated place quickly. ( We washed it off before but it was still stinky!) ( again NOT Tyler!)

Ty was in the water before anyone else was in there to keep him safe. He had such a great time. He swam, went on the slide, wanted to go in the water that was too deep and splash, splash splash.

He was the first one "done" in which he declared " Tywer Sweepy" and he sat on the chair trying to get warm. Then off we went home.

The next day was so, so, so much fun. D is sad he had to work and missed all the cool stuff.

We went to Wheeler farm for their pumpkin and corn maze and fall festival. The tickets included a pumpkin, access to the maze, a hay ride and if you wanted to spend a little extra a horse ride.

When we left D that morning we told him that we were going to go to a pumpkin patch. Tyler couldn't say patch so he kept telling D we were going to the pumpkin pants. Then we were off.

Wheeler farm has a lot of things for kids to do. We went one time when Ty was little and he was afraid of everything. So we were hopeful that he would have a good time. When I told him that we could feed the ducks he was on a one track mind.
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Ty was fine without putting his hand in the fence but his cousin, Lexi, wanted to try but would get nervous as the duck came forward so I tried it out a little bit. Ty really liked them.

Next we walked towards the cows. There was a few stops we needed and wanted to make before then but Tyler and Koy weren't really into walking around a house that you can't touch anything and run and jump so we played outside for a minute.
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Then it was off to the real fun stuff. The boys wanted to see and ride the horses so we headed toward the horses. Tyler was not sure at first if he wanted to ride one so as Koy and Lexi got on, we ( me and Kayden and Tyler) walked down to were we could feed the horses. He loved it. He was fine with me putting my whole hand in the horses mouth and he got close enough to pet them .

As we were walking back my dad asked Tyler if he wanted to ride the horse and he said yes. Plain as day. So my dad was nice and paid the 3 bucks for him to ride. I was so worried that he would pay the money and Ty gets put on the horse and a freak out would start that he would have paid the money for nothing.

But to EVERY ONES surprise he LOVED IT!!
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My dad told him to put his his hands "Right here" ( on the horn) and he did. It was so sweet. I love that kid! Everything is SOOO literal sometimes.
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Tyler did ride side saddle. Those cute, darn legs wouldn't separate enough to fully "ride" the horse but Grandpa, who is a farmer at heart, was more than willing to walk next to Tyler. I am not sure who was more excited, Grandpa or Tyler!

We headed back toward the hay ride and Tyler went to see the cows. He loves the animals. He for SURE didn't use to. He stood and watched them for a while. Then it was time for a hayride. But first he had to drive the Tractor!

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Kayden asked if we could go ride on the red one. I kindly told him we don't ride red tractors in this family so he would have to stick to green. ( Sorry Aunt Chantel, fact of life. We bleed green!)

Lexi was so helpful with Tyler. She was trying to "teach" him how to drive. He was OK with her helping but he really really wanted to do it himself.
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We finally got to the part where he could go to the pumpkin "pants" he was so happy.

Grandpa helped him threw the corn maze ( what a TROOPER) and into pick himself a pumpkin.
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(The last photo and the light was way off.. so you have to get a different color one. Sorry!!)

After the LONG day Tyler was exhausted but he went with Grandma and grandpa so that mom and dad could go attend a temple session. ( Which by the way was amazing!!) He finished the night off with his cousins swimming and then he crashed while waiting to get picked up. He had the best time. He came home, ate oatmeal and we all went to bed.

It was wonderful to see him enjoy so many new things. We learned have learned a lot the last year and are thankful we are willing to have a possible meltdown in order to see Tyler like new things. One thing I did decide. We are getting way to desperate for a new stroller for Tyler. ( Not to mention my sisters kids who would prefer to ride!! )


Grandma Labrum said...

It was a fun weekend. One of my favorite moments was when Tyler was so tired after the farm and all his swimming. At the pool he came and actually cuddled on my lap. We wrapped him in towels to keep him warm and just snuggled. In the room, after we changed his clothes, he cuddled with me some more. It was great!

Chantel said...

I am so glad that he liked the horse! It looks like you guys had a fun weekend. :)

P.S. I don't like reading this "we only like green." It makes me sick to my stomach! :)