Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Lights

(I didn't take any pictures so you will just have to wait till my sister and mom decide that they have their own up so I can steal them.)

This last weekend was BUSY and full but good good! My teeth issues have pretty much resolved so not I just LOVE zofran and I am super lazy. ( I need to work on that!) My parents were coming up to finish up the grand kids present this year and we had a packed day ahead of us.

I had tried to get my house cleaned but I am lazy and super crazy. So it was HALF cleaned. But we set up shop in my living room and went to town tying quilts and eating and laughing. My sisters were all here and the kids were here. Dallas was working downstairs and we were all in and out all day finishing up what we had left of Christmas shopping.

Tyler was SOOOO naughty. He is JUST not feeling well. We can't figure out what is wrong so a nice trip to Dr. Marisa is in the works for tomorrow ( if we can get a morning appointment.) But he cried and cried and cried. He would play a little and he would laugh a lot but overall as the day went on his face was more sunken in and his eyes swollen.

We were thinking we would go up to SLC and see the lights at Temple square but it was COLD and grandma is not that great in the cold and Ty is not that happy so we decided on second best and I think it turned out PERFECT!

Thanksgiving point is a cute little place just down the street from my house. They have a TON of Christmas lights up and you drive through in your car listening to Christmas music. Having Tyler with a vision impairment I was awfully worried we would really see them or not. But he did and he LOVED it. It sat in the back of my dads car and ohh and awwed over the lights. Nicky had a good time watching him LOVE the lights.

He was SOO soo sad when we got home. He didn't want to leave the lights. He literally was outside throwing himself on the ground. ( told you he didn't feel well and that SOMETHING is up!) His dad finally had to put him in his room with the door closed to make him stop crying. I sat downstairs crying because my sweet baby is not being so sweet right now.

He came downstairs and on his way he said "Tywer so sorry" to every person he encountered till he got to me. Then he proceeded to tell me "Tywer so sorry, Tywer so sad" as big tears ran down his face.

Somehow we got him in bed and asleep. He slept well last night but we still have some crabby pants come mid afternoon. We are still gonna check it out tomorrow and we have CT scans on Tuesday.

Thanks Grandpa and grandma for staying the night and spending the WHOLE day on Saturday. We are excited for another weekend SOON. Maybe when Santa Comes :)

Stay tuned for exciting Christmas news!

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singedwingangel said...

Aww hun I think it could be just so much going on at this time of year. So much to see and do and participate in. Even our homes are a reflection of the hustle and bustle.. just wears us down. Even little ones feel it