Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Seriously today has somewhat SUCKED.

A few days ago, after ralphing 19 times in the day. ( That isn't a exaggeration either) we called to refill my zofran. We only got 12 of them when the script wrote for one a day or every six hours. Come to find out our amazing insurance will only pay for 12 pills. The remainder of the month is not covered so we had to shell out 50 bucks to get me to stop vomiting. I called the insurance to find out why they won't cover a month of them and they give me the sob story of needing a pre- autorization. So I nicely call my doctor who then gets all mad because OBVIOUSLY if he is prescribing them he feels they are needed. ( Last time I was pregnant I gained 1 pound in 25 weeks. I vomited EVERY SINGLE DAY that I was pregnant, ok sometimes I vomited MORE than once. With a history of not doing so "hot" he was and is being as proactive as possible.)

Today his office called and said that the insurance would rather I go get IV hydration and zofran VIA IV and ER visit than allow me to get 12 more pills to finish out the month. GAG!!( literally)

So, for the last 2 days I have only vomited ONCE!! Taken only ONE zofran, got out the trusty b6 and unison and slept great. ( thanks to the Bigger bed mom and dad!) And overdosed on Tums smoothies trying to keep everything down. Eliminating my night vitamin has made a world of difference. I only get three days off so we will see what starts up in a few days.

Needless to say insurance is NOT user friendly. Don't even get me started on a stroller.. holy HELL! You would think I asked them to kill their first born.

So while I was getting ready for the day/waking up, Tyler comes up to ask me to change his movies. He is covered from head to toe in what LOOKED like Chocolate. If I was in my right mind and not gagging I MIGHT have taken a picture. Well said CHOCOLATE was poop! We have had this problem before but he seemed to have gotten away from it. Well today he painted like Picasso with his poop.

Head to toe, eyes, ears, mouth and clothes and hands. I asked him if he got some in his mouth and he said Yum. I LOST it. He was rubbing his eyes!! I was freaking out. Stripped him naked, threw him in the tub and went to survey the damage (AFTER I washed his face)

Downstairs...... poo from one end of the living room to the other. Litle hand wipes ALLL over. I called his dad. Like any good wife.

Dallas came home to help me get the carpet machines in the house so I could scrub the chocolate poo off the floor. We decided to go all out and pulled the who carpet with the machines so the floor look and SMELL not like poo!

We ended up the day going to a few stores for shopping. The mall was insane but I got all I needed and a chance to enjoy a pretzel and bring home some Chiptole to my hot hubby.

But if all crappy days can end like mine, I think it will be OK. I walked up the stairs to hear my 2 boys reading a book about Cookies. Tyler doing most of the reading and daddy doing some of the promptings. What sweet boys they are. I am the luckiest lady in the world.


sweets said...

I feel your pain I have had a day just like that but it ended with my foot in a puddle of water. (long story)sorry you had such a bad say glad it truned out well.

Grandma Labrum said...

It was the iron in the vitamins that made me sick all the time. I know iron is important, but it is hard on stomachs. With Nicky I didn't take iron and wasn't as sick as the other times. Hope you start feeling better.