Monday, March 16, 2015

The fun pictures of life in our house!

Our Valentine Dinner:

This little one is the best when he is sleeping:

Grayson has the best time in our little neighborhood. He needs a fishing pole Grandpa!

We borrowed a baby one day to see if we could convince Grayson that HE  was not a baby. Other than he LOVED the baby that he feed him, put him to sleep and would stand there cooing how cute he was, it backfired.

For some reason I don't even care he is eating out the centers of the oreo's and turning them into pasties... Ok they are really smiley faces but it never got that far...

We can't forget the time we made 4 trips to the pediatricians and each tie a bruise bigger than Texas would show up on someone.....

And we still like Sand.. A lot of it

This sweet thing climbed up on my lap and laid there while I didn't feel well and we watched sponge bob together.... LOVE him so much

Frontier Airlines- Bad idea

Ok here is a PISSED off post.

911 happened. Right.
We all remember.
Big buildings came down, airplanes crashed. Airport security became INTENSE! Traveling with children is hard. It is not easy to get through security all alone with 2 kids. One of whom can't walk and the other of whom is 3. That just makes a target for pat downs and long lines and just pain and suffering.

So we convinced our Grandpa to take us to the airport and let us get there EARLY so we could eat and make it to the gate without having to worry. Getting through security is a horror story for us. Tyler always touches something he shouldn't. Grayson runs through it all. Our bag gets dumped. UGH..

So we get up to Frontier's counter and NO ONE WAS THERE. We had to wait for 1 hour for someone to come up and check in our bag and help us. We were also on their handicapped list and they wouldn't help us get through security. So off I went alone with my kids. And yep, we did get patted down. We got frisked and we had to run to eat and then run to catch our plane. BEST part. The mean lady in the bottom counter is now the one that helps us get on the plane. WELL, she didn't feel that we were "handicapped" and that I should be able to check my stroller at the gate without a big old fat fuss. Needless to say, I got on the plane PISSED off and crying. I was so glad we could go home to our dad!!

Frontier.... HORRIBLE customer service. HORRIBLE EVERYTHING....

Phenol Injections

Phenol injections are kind of old school. ( Or so I was recently told) They don't do them in Phoenix. The last batch of Phenol was contaminated and so only small amounts are available when we do botox. Last round of Botox I was not a happy camper and I suck at being a mom so I avoided all surgeries until I couldn't put it off any further.

Phenol works longer, faster and better for Tyler. So we did it. The results are almost immediate. Tyler is also a trooper and was up going as soon as they would let him out of his room. He was discharged 35 minutes after he came back.

They came to find us to do discharge papers and Tyler was out doing just what he always does. He plays ball.

We got back to our Grannie's house and Grannie AND Grandpa were home!! Grandpa had been VERY sick AGAIN and we were so glad he was home. So the boys went and played doctor and hang out with the cool people and left me to my own thoughts of overwhelming proportions.

Grayson won't have a thing to do with his Grandpa in the hospital but at home he won't leave him alone!

We had to wait one day to make sure we were seizure free and so we were close to a children's hospital instead of in the air. And then we left for home!!!

Landing and watching for our dad

The surgery worked and Tyler is as loose as we can get him. Unfortunately his legs are not doing so well. We are looking at a larger and more invasive surgery and my poor heart is not sure it can do it just yet!

But we were glad to be home.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Gait Lab {Shriner's Utah Trip}

One of the biggest reasons we went to Utah was for the Gait Analysis Lab. It was such a cool experience. They have a great lab there and it was interesting to watch.

We dropped off Grayson at Aunt Sheena's and he did SOOO good. He didn't cry, which is HUGE and he said he was going to be brave and he did. Sheena was surprised at how quiet he was when I was not with him. But he is such a shy little terror.

Dallas didn't get to come with us because he was already on his way home with a small stop at Scheels to see his grandpa's animals. ( His Grandpa's stuffed animals are on rent at Scheels! How cool is that!) 

Tyler and I got a burger at Shriner's and headed down to the basement to start the lab. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours and it is not all fun and games. It was VERY cool to watch and very HARD to watch. Tyler was at an age where he did really well, but his abilities also make it very hard to be ok when things get hard. We had to get creative about how we got him through.

In a gait lab they have 2 physical therapists and a full time engineer. They video tape his gait. He walks back and forth for about 25 minutes on a matt and then they stretch, pull and prod at his little body to see how far his muscles stretch and how far they can get his stiff joints to move to.

The pT working on figure out how much he can bend and move and come to a correct position. This was really hard and someone ended up crying. And it wasn't them..... me and Ty did!

 The stuff on his legs were what the engineer was working with. Those things lit up as he walked. It was awesome!

After the lab we went to get Grayson, Headed back to our Granny's house and then had Nicky come over for dinner. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Utah Trip- { Shriner's Hospital}

We have avoided having any kind of botox or phenol injections for almost a year. Tyler's last set of botox made him have a seizure which put us into MONTHS of trying to figure out what was new and what was going on. We had to wait 2 rounds of botox and after that I just would HATE dealing with it.

So I avoided it. ( Mom of the year?)

Finally I just bit the bullet and started planning a trip to Utah for Phenol injections. We have been planning this stuff since October and something keeps coming up. It has been the hardest thing to deal with. At one point I may have wanted to be a quitter. ( And we don't quit!)

After the October cancellation we drove to visit. After that we were suppose to go in December and it was literally CHRISTMAS EVE!! So we moved it to January. Usually Shriner's purchases our tickets for us. But the surgery ended up on the weekend of Dallas' Birthday. So for his birthday we were going to fly together to Utah so I asked if I could make the reservation so we could go together. I waited to make sure it was a go and booked the flight on a Friday. Monday morning the Hospital called and said that Dr. Gooch was out of the country and forgot to tell the Hospital. So we had no appointment, no correct flight and a week in Utah that I didn't want to spend all by myself when I would need to go again and pay for more flights the next month. I was so frustrated.

The airline we booked on was horrible to work with. We will use them because they are so freaking cheap and are so close but seriously they sucked. After days and days on the phone, crying, on the phone again and crying more, we finally got things figured out. So off we went.

Shriner's was amazing, as always. They were the most accommodating hospital in the entire world. Not only did they have people on the phone, checks in the mail, reimbursements,  and the most amazing of all, they pushed through the credentials of another doctor to come in and perform the procedure on Tyler. Luck for us, we used the same doctor in Utah when we saw Dr. Gooch and her associate. The Associate was Dr. Ooki. We LOVE her. She did a wonderful job and was fabulous with Tyler.

So we sent our Dad off to Utah on Friday Jan. 23rd, EARLY in the morning. He drove himself to the close airport because his family purchased his ticket.  Of course the week up to leaving was filled with Drama. Not just the airline and hospital drama, but people who don't talk to you for YEARS wanting to join in the week stress and be in a place they didn't belong. I didn't  need them to be involved at all. We left Friday in the afternoon and I had both the boys and myself to get on the plane myself.

We got to Utah and went from 60 degrees to 30 degrees. We were freezing. But it was a great start to our weekend. Dallas birthday was going to be amazing. He hadn't been with all of his sisters in 2 years. We have missed a wedding and a new baby. So we were excited to see everyone.

Unfortunately, D's dad has been really sick and he landed himself back into the Hospital the day D got there. We went to Grandma Browns and got a bit settled and tried to get everyone who wanted to go with us to dinner in the right place at the right time.

We ate dinner on Friday night,  at our most favorite restaurant- Braza Grill. We LOVE it. We also got to eat with Dallas sister, Sheena and I was able to get my belly full and get my loves with our new niece Ember. ( I gave her back, but was thankful that Sheena was my most saving grace and I was able to be the baby hog!)

 Saturday we got up and went to see our Grandpa. He was still in the hospital. We got there and walked in during a blood draw. It totally shut down my Grayson. He climbed up in my lap and wouldn't talk to anyone. So Dallas took me to see my parents so that Grayson and Tyler could have lunch with them. Dallas picked us up from my sisters house and we went to our friends Amy and Todd.

 At Aunt Nicky's house... Cousin Oreo

The night we spent at Amy and Todd's  for dinner. We weren't going to stay for Dinner but as we got there, even with boogers and snot, we were having such a great time. Amy and Todd were best friends with Dallas before I came around. Amy and I became best friends over the last 9 years. Our children are not very far apart in gestational age. But the spiritual part of us, Oli is autistic. So between Tyler and Oli we have 2 kids who will be together forever in the after life. Our love and admiration for Todd and Amy has increased 100 fold.

Sunday night was an amazing night for us. Dallas dad was still super sick so he was in the hospital still. But Dallas' sisters all made dinner for his birthday. It was so so amazing of them. It was so nice to be in a beautiful home, with everyone that loves your family and kids so much. We were so thankful for the party they help for him.

The night ended and we were just so thrilled to have had the time we had with them. The next day we were going to be going over to our Aunt Sheena's  the next day. So we went back to Grandma's house and spent the last few hours together while we geared up for the next process. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Vizio Fiesta Bowl - University of Arizona vs. Boise State

Last year was our first fiesta bowl. We loved it. We are not " follow every week or we will die" people but we thought we would try it and we liked it. When we were offered tickets again this year we gladly accepted.

Because we knew more about what to expect we didn't wear all of our "winter" gear and just wore our jackets. We knew the roof would be closed and so it was no big deal. But this year, we FROZE!! This year we were also not up in the upper bowl either. We were on the lower bowl in row 38.. That is right... 38!!! They were great seats. But the big doors for the smokers were behind us and we were so so cold.

Before the game we hit up a yummy Gyro/ Greek place to eat before we went to the game. It was so delicious. And I DID take a photo of our yummy food!

We headed in and got our seats and waited for the fun to start. Since it was a local team it was PACKED! And Boise isn't that far away so it was even more fun. However, sitting in the lower bowl no one wanted to sit down in front of us. 

The game was pretty good. However, we ended up leaving a bit early. Dallas has had such an awesome year that he has lost so much weight he has NO body fat to keep him warm. So despite our good time, we headed out and watched the last of the game in the warm. 

*Hopekids is an organization that provides us with amazing opportunities to go to games and events and fun activities for kids with disabilities and life threatening and one of a kind illness'. We are very thankful for the tickets and the fun times we have with them.* 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Day- Again

After the FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa Labrum we started our normal night routine and got everyone in bed. I had taken the time to wrap MOST of the presents but we had a few last minute things to put together.

Before we went to bed we finished our very last ornament on the *Jesus* tree and laid out the stockings. We don't have a chimney so we just laid them out. Our Grandma made our stockings and we LOVE them. ( My 4 favorite christmas things are my icicles from my mom, our stockings, our Christ tree and my sister made me a Nativity)

This is our Nativity and our Christ tree. It is by far my favorite place each night!

Santa had done some last minute Christmas shopping like 3 days before Christmas so a few things needed to be wrapped. Oh and one night, while Santa couldn't sleep very well she ordered Christmas and all this STUFF came that I didn't realize I ordered. Ha! 

Every Christmas or birthday I keep thinking " Man I wish Nicky was here so I could pay her to wrap!"  But finally after years of practice and her not being around to pay off, I learned to wrap!

Grayson doesn't sleep through the night so I was hoping to be done wrapping before he got up and walked around the house. ( No I am not kidding about the sleeping through the night. ) He got up AFTER I put everything together. But as I was setting my camera and my remote, in walked the best picture opportunity 

This was on the back of the camera but it was PERFECT!!!

Tyler asked for very few things but his things were specific. Enjoying the spoils of the day!! 

We did get girl stuff for Christmas. Everyone loves it. The doc mobile was taken out and sent to the park as fast as they could get. They also wore their underpants all day!!!

Ther rest of the day was playing with our toys and making dinner and mushrooms and just being a family. It was GREAT. Our Grandparents were coming the next day so we were super excited to see them.

I never thought there was "enough" presents under the tree, but there was. I always think I do give enough to them, but I do. I don't require much to be a happy mom at times like this. There was plenty to go around.

This last year was nothing spectacular. Nothing fabulous and we just were here. Just like I like it. Drama ( mostly) free and surrounded by those who love us!!!