Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our HUGE Adventure-

I have a bit of a anxiety problem when it comes to trying new things. Plus, a lot of time if I plan something with someone, I sometimes flake because I get so NERVOUS. If I have never been to someplace I don't know what things I need to do to adapt it to Tyler. Hence the anxiety.

Last week my mom and her sister Linda had lunch at the Trellis Cafe and me and my sister joined ( AND my dad) I should have gone back and got D and T but the lunch was great with a gorgeous view. So I decided I really wanted to try the Gardens splash pad for Tyler.

So Friday I made a special bag for him and got everything all set. I got him dressed and asked him if he wanted to go on a HUGE adventure ( from the little Einsteins.) He was SOOOOOO excited.

I had thought that maybe we would be able to see the rest of the gardens but I didn't get a chance to clean out the stroller so I planned just the splash pad. When we got there Ty was a little nervous but he quickly warmed up!

The ark is REALLY cute. He was able to play with a bunch of kids and he finally ventured out and would go around and around the ark. He had a great time.

What I LOVED? I loved that he could go in there on his own, play and not need me right by his side. I sat on the ground and watched for a while, took a few pictures and then sat on a rock and read a book in the shade.

After about 2.5 hours Ty decided he was done. By this time it was 1 and so we left to go eat. Ty played at the play place for a while and then we were really done. So we headed home.

Ty did so well. I can't wait to take him again and to try the other stuff. They have a farm, dinosaur museum and caves and gardens. Of course some of them require getting past the splash pad!

Next big adventure: dinosaur day!


Avenues of Awareness said...

I have huge anxiety trying anything new with Ethan either. Though lately he has done so good, I wonder if I am holding him back.

I love these pictures. They are beautiful.

Thanks for giving me courage.

Kelly said...

Oh man! That place is amazing. I wish they had stuff like that when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, I would have had anxiety too.


Grandma Labrum said...

I thought Tyler would enjoy it! The entire gardens are beautiful, although we haven't been there since you left on your mission. I suppose they only get more beautiful with time. It looks like a great adventure. (Looking ahead here, my word verification is WATER. How appropriate!)

It all started with a Kiss... said...

Nancy you're such a fun and AMAZING mom!!!