Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year of 2014

I love doing years in review. It makes me go back and reflect on what we did and what we learned. Sometimes, you don't remember everything that happened. I think it also helps you look back and say that you did a hard thing. I would rate this last year as nothing big and nothing horrible. Just a year to get through. And get through we did.

January- We decided that we would try and hit our deductible in the first few weeks and we did surgery on Tyler's eyes AND hit him up with some botox. It was a long month with those casts but we did it. It meant sponge baths and extra therapy and a really ticked of buddy, but we got through it. We learned that we can do hard things ( again) and that we can get through it ( again) and we didn't need anything but our little family, some respite and our ward family for physical help ( again), but that we needed the love and support that our extended family was willing to offer (again).

And the fun part, me and Dallas were able to go to our very first Fiesta Bowl. It was great!! We are not over the top football fans but we were able to enjoy it.

We saw Daniel Tiger, loved it and got our casts off!

Febuary- Tyler had very bad behavioral issues and we were unable to figure it out. It would take a few more months before we got someone to listen. But we got it done.

Valentines came and went and other than a few kicked out of schools, nothing happened that I can think of. ( Which is AMAZING~)

March- We found a awesome family that wanted a bike for their little Lucy, and were able to give back a gift that we had been given. It was a great experience for us.

We went to the zoo with Tyler's school and had a wonderful time. It, however, was confirmed that this is not the zoo for a visually impaired kid, but we had fun anyway. Our vision teacher went and Grayson came with us and we were able to FINALLY ride a carousel. (Meaning, that was all Tyler knew was there so he would repeat it for days on end until the day of the event!)

April-  We attended Bumble Bee Ranch, in which we were able to ride horses, bucking bronco's and play cowboy games. It was a great place for both Tyler and Grayson. Grayson LOVED the Horses and was pretty sure he would ride all day. He still talks about Bumble Bee.

May- I started my official Senior year of College. I am to the point where I only have 2 classes or so left in my major. All family therapy ( which I love!) and still have the grade point average to get into Physician assistant school. I have to update my math and science because it has been a long time since I took them, but if not, masters program for Marriage and Family therapy so I can have a job when Grayson is in school. ( EXCITED!!!) We also played because we had time off for Easter,. I am a single mom when Apple announces anything. Since Dallas company has a close relationship with apple they know when major updates and releases are coming or when the company has a final date and he lives at the office, literally. Sometimes a bed it taken. So I become mom of the house and do my life alone. We also hired a new worker. LOVE her!

June- Seizures. UGH!! We had another botox injection and he had a seizure, putting us into the adverse reaction team at PCH. It also meant no injections for six months. It was hard and devastating and very sad for us. But, we can do hard things ( again) and we can do them on our own ( again) and we will gladly accept any prayers from friends and family that they can or want to offer. ( again!)

Oh and we can't forget our Pine Wood Derby!! Sweet!

July- We had to move. Our house was being sold. I spent the better part of May, June and July looking for the perfect house. We found one that was pretty close. It was a one story, had enough bedrooms and a few other bonuses and the biggest is that it is RIGHT next door to the park. So we packed up our stuff and moved 4 roads away, into the same ward. See!! Perfection!

Grayson turned 3 and we had our Grandpa here to celebrate. He loved it. Next year a big boy party. Who knows, maybe we will celebrate in Utah! ( not to live, sorry. It will never happen. )

August- We learned a little to much about CBC's, hematocrit and Iron levels. We also learned that Grayson has Thalassemia Minor, a blood/absorbtion disorder. We also learned that we can do hard things ( again) and we can do them alone, (again) and we gladly take any prayers that our friends and family are willing to give ( again) ( see a theme here!) Oh and I grew older ( and chubbier, again!) Oh and School started for our 3rd Grader

September-  Tyler turned nine!! Yep, 9! He is in third grade and loves it. He is hitting all bench marks for his grade level. He LOVES science and loves music and Gym. He shares his time in his small class, and his typical class for all his specials and because he does really well in Science he goes with his typical class for that. He also gets some extra vision this year and FINALLY we are behaving MUCH better. ( we have still yet to grow from 55 pounds and what we were height wise at 5!)

October- I tried my first drive to Utah with the boys by myself. Yep, you guessed it, I can do hard things ( alone!!!) and we can do it as a family ( or with myself) and we can have a GREAT time! ( after we drive for 12 hours we need a hour to destress!) But we did it. We spent a great few days in Orangeville and a great few days with the other family in Salt Lake and as much time with Nicky as we could. And we had Halloween and loved it. Trick or Treating was great this year and Tyler won best costume and Grayson kept changing his mind. I can officially say, I have a great costume bucket!

November-  Oh November!! We spent an overnight stay at Cardon's children because of an accidental overdose on Lamictal. We had a nasty rash and it was bad enough our neurologist wanted us in, ASAP! We also did a sleep study for Grays and we dealt with the Nasty thalassemia rages that come with not enough iron. We lived through Thanksgiving with no extra family here and had a really great time.

December- We started off with a visit from our grandparents and we LOVED it. We had something planned every day they were here. Grayson and Tyler LOVE visitors. It was also one of the first days that we were able to go to the Lights in Mesa and not have Tyler freak out. We had a wonderful Christmas and aside from the nasty throw ups we each passed ( every 12 hours) we had a wonderful time and to end the month we had the OTHER grandparents come. My sisters kids came with them and my kids LOVED it. I have never seen Grayson cry when someone other than me, left the house. But he SOBBED when Koy was leaving.

This year we have learned that " We can do hard things. That we can do them as a 4 family. We can ask for prayers but we can't expect anything more or less unless they want to give it, and we can offer what we can. And lastly, not judge but support and love. That is what we want so that is what we will give!"

We are excited to see what 2015 brings to us. We are celebrating 10 years of this little family, we are making it COUNT!!

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