Sunday, December 21, 2014

The December Tummy Bug

I have an app on my phone that takes my Facebook status for the past 5 years and tells me what I as doing. It seems that this week for 4 years in a row, was spent with the flu of some sort.  It also happened to be that same week for us in real life.... Starting with Baby.

Grayson came in to sleep with me and Dallas and after a while I left and went to the couch. He followed. I got him settled. Then he got restless. I turned on a low light just in time to reflexively respond to catch vomit that only a mom responds to. He was stripped down. Wiped off and a air mattress was filled so vomit baby and I could sleep on it and get some rest.

The vomit was 8 hours. At first it was every 15 minutes. Then it slowed down when the dry heaves came along. It was so sad. But thankful, Grayson got the hang of my barf bucket pretty well. After about 12 hour he was doing good.

About 12 hours later we were sitting at the dinner table and Ty took a drink and I noticed something not ok.... and I was right. Hands were catching vomit pretty dang quickly. Got him cleaned up and put in my bed . He was vomiting every 15 minutes for a while. The hardest for him is sitting up and bending and then getting into the barf bucket .

It was a long night. Mom woke up in the morning and by noon was down for the count. within 12 hours dad was out for the night. It was a hard hard week. But we made it. We were able to make our obligations for a Christmas party. And, we participated in this weeks activity happily.

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