Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Camp and San Francisco

We had one week after school was over to have Tyler at home. The week after he started summer camp. I was not sure if I wanted him gone every afternoon. The week he was home, we went bowling and to the indoor play place. It was great, but Dallas was getting ready to leave for a week and we REALLY were hoping to figure out how to balance no dad and every one's stuff.

Dallas was sent to WWDC this year. His app has done really well and has been featured on the app store pick of the week and summer for most of the last 2 months. ( I guess that makes up for the time that he didn't come home for a month) but it also got him to the conference, which he loves attending and it was such a great year for him to go. They announced a new language, a new system and networking is always fun there. He even went to the "exclusive" twitter party. ( OK so here is my sarcasm... What kind of a party is it, if it is just geeks and trust me, watching Twitter that night was HILARIOUS!) But he was gone for the entire week and it was up to me to figure out how we were going to do this summer thing.

This year we decided to put Tyler into summer camp. He had never done a summer program before so we opted to not travel but do the non travel group. He is there every day for 3 hours and he LOVES it.  He also earned a few hours at the local bowling alley and the arcade. After a few days of Dad gone, we decided to head to Flipside.

Tyler and Grayson got the 3 hour pass so that they can play way to long on things that take FOREVER but they both LOVED it.

We played the infamous mini bowling for 4 games. And then headed to the arcade. We played a ton of games and then we decided to try the bumper cars! Luckily it wasn't very busy so it was just Tyler, me, Grayson and our worker. I was not sure how in the world Tyler was going to drive this thing. But he tried. We got him out into the middle ad bumped him a few times and spun him around. It was fun to watch him.

Just so we don't play favorites. I was so proud of him. He tries everything !!!!! #ilovehim #myhero #cerebralpalsy

Grayson drove the bumper cars #lovehim

Grayson did great. He was in HEAVEN!! I swear he would live in a car if he could. 

By the end of the week we were SO thrilled to have our dad home that we could almost burst!! Dallas has lost a ton of weight and when he got of the plane and we were looking for him, we almost missed him!! But Oh it was so nice to have him home. The boys were thrilled. And to make it best, Dad brought home apple shirts and everyone slept in Apple gear for the night.

#findfriends stalker app when I was looking to see where Dallas was. I mean. Let's not be specific or anything. 
We were so excited to see when our dad was and well... they were a BIT specific!!! we watched them take off.... OH we were ready for him to come home. 

It is nice to have our little family together. Dallas makes life much better. He is just this solid person in our lives. The day he left Ty had a seizure ( or what we think was a seizure) and I was on my own. And I realized that I CAN do it on my own, but I would rather do it with him!

My hot sexy hubby. Home from #wwdc no more #wwdcwidow

I am madly in love with these three people. #missourdad #appleshirts #apple #wwdc #hadtowear #graysongram #tylergram #ilovethem

Huge congrats to Dallas for a great app and hooray for the weight loss. You look amazing!! 

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