Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lamictal is my life.....

Trying to gain control of the seizures that plaque my child's body has caused lamictal and neurologist and the idea of a neurosurgeon and any thing else with our brain, has caused me to be exhausted. The lamictal rash was a accidentally overdose and Dr. C feels so terrible. But we waited  2 weeks and started at the bottom rung of lamictal again.  We are starting on week 2 where he gets 5mg every day in the morning. Then we watch. Any time a welt raises or he gets a rash, we go get checked out and we stay a day.

Fast forward to a week after Tyler's stays, Grayson and I checked into the Sleep lab at Banner Desert. They made it sound like a 5 star resort and it was a moldy smelling building with cots for the mom and "breakfast" at like 4 am.

I was prepared for my child to freak out and cry. I explained that it was not like Dr. Henry Hugglemonster ( the oncologist we see frequently) and he sat so still while I read him books and they taped stuff on his face and body. He has to be touching me while he falls asleep so I felt like it took forever for him to be asleep.

Turns out, he slept great. At least on the outside. I don't know what it is saying on the report. But he doesn't like to sleep alone. But this particular night, he did great and slept really well. He only woke up twice.

Between 2 sleep overs at the hospital, I am not on my game this month. I am redoing my final 3 classes at ASU and doing some interning for marriage and family therapy groups. And then apply for graduating. We should be done in not so long of a time.

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PWD said...

Good luck with the Lamictal. It has helped us SO MUCH! Still on it after 5 years but we feel so luck to have it. Not a cure for all the seizures but it is making a big difference.