Sunday, March 16, 2014

A new bike for Tyler and a gift for Lucy

Before we left Utah 2 years ago, we were finally listed on the bike list at Shriner's Hospital. A special needs bike is very expensive. We were so lucky to have gotten a loaner bike from the Hospital before we left Utah and Tyler was quickly growing out of it and for some reason, Arizona and tires go sun rot. So before it was to ruined we were in the process of getting a new one. 

We were in discussion with our Physical therapist, pediatrician and orthotist to get the right measurements for Tyler. Lucky for us Ty was able to get the NEXT bigger size than the one we currently had so that we can have this bike for a LONG time. The discussion was done and we had put in our order. Originally ( 2 years ago) Ty wanted to have a green bike but now he was adamant about a red bike. And the downer of the whole thing, though it was the beginning of December, we wouldn't be able to get the bike in time for Christmas. ( And because of past experience we never even mentioned to Tyler that he was getting a new bike..GOOD CALL MOMS!) 

One thing that I have learned in our journey is that some dreams will never come true. Having a red bike with a big bow underneath the Christmas Tree. There was no way that we could ever 1) afford a 2 grand bike, and 2) have one under the tree. It just isn't possible.

However, I got home from work one day with Dallas wonder what on earth I had purchased and there was a HUGE tall box bigger than Dallas. HE couldn't figure out what it was and ironically Tyler never even asked. 

But his new bike was in there... wedged like a sandwich.... and it was BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

So Christmas morning he had a treasure map to open and follow. Grayson had on too. Santa brought Grayson a Dusty the crop hopper ( He got a tricycle for his birthday) and so off we went to enjoy the amazingness and magic of not only Christmas but Shriner's hospital. 

After the New Year, we made arrangements with a sweet girl named Lucy. Lucy was also born early just like Tyler. Lucy's grandmother joined a yahoo group that I was a admin of and we found that Lucy was a lot like Tyler. As the years went on, Ty and Lucy were in the Foundation for Blind Children together and they have ended up in the same therapy groups and we have become friends with her mom. 

We arranged to met at therapy and got Lucy all set to enjoy her new bike. We showed her mom how to strap her on and off Lucy went. Tyler was clapping and chasing Lucy and cheering her on.  Afterwards, Tyler said " Mom, did you see how good Lucy could ride that bike. I am glad she could get a bike." 

And again, the giant, reminds me of how incredibly Christlike he is. 

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