Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9 years of Miracles

My sweet 1pound 11 oz baby is 9. We have witnessed many miracles. We have seen them come one, after the other. Some are hard to see as miracles until we are far past them, but others have been amazing to see. 

  • Tyler is very opinionated. But only a few things. He doesn't like to be called anything BUT Tyler. If you call him Ty you will be corrected. 
  • He can tell you verbatim any story that you read to him after the second round. There is also a little trick he uses called READING. Because that was on thing they never thought he would do. But he does. 
  • Ask him anything and he can equate it to any of the millions of Barney episodes and he can tell you all about them in any sequences at any time. 
  • He loves to say the prayer. He is convinced that Jesus Christs is like the tooth fairy who visits when he is said and comes in to tuck him in extra tight at night. This by itself is a testimony builder. 
  • Tyler likes church. Church poses a problem when it comes to his anxiety disorder, but our ward is amazing with his issue and many love watching him during sacrament. He plays his iPad and enjoys everything with no sound. But when it is time for the Primary to sing he is on the front row. He falls 7 or 8 times back to his seat but he is totally for the go!
  • Tyler loves special blessings or priesthood blessings from his dad he is 99% sure that a special prayers will make everything ok. Even a bug bite. 
  • Tyler can read. He is able to do all of his stuff with a CCTV at school and he is doing so well.  He is at third grade curriculum. 
  • Tyler loves everyone and everything. He loves his cousins, grandparents and Aunt Nicky. 
A few weeks ago we were in the CP clinic down here .They were equating what Tyler goes through in one day. His muscles at the end of the day, feel like he ran a full marathon. A full 26 miles. Whatever your body feels like after that, his does that daily. 

Tyler does everything he can to be like everyone else .We love him so much and am so proud of him. There will never be another baby in our lives that has been through more and will continue to go through more. He is one of a kind. We wanted him so much, We have fought to keep him here. We fought to stay pregnant, we fought throughout the pregnancy. Nothing was right. The delivery was horrific. The time in the NICU was disturbing. The treatment from those who "love us" has been horrific. But we have gotten up and done our best. With our head held high, we know we are suppose to be his parents and that no one could do what we have done. 

Tyler is a true hero. He will always be a hero. 

He is an ordinary miracle. 

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