Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter 2014

The last few weeks of April were so lonely here at our house. We lived without our dad for about 3 weeks. He would sneak in at the wee hours of the morning and head out super early. I was the lovely single mom. We also lost a worker and one was leaving so we were getting interviews in at the same time along with all the normal things going on. It was also a time that we had to get summer programs up and going for Tyler. We also had a new ISP AND a new IEP. It was crazy.

Tyler got out of school the Friday before Easter for Good Friday so we decided to spend the day at the local indoor play place. Not only did we have a rainy day, but we are also getting into Hot season so going to the park and spending lots of time outside is coming to a close. So the indoor play place it is.

#airhockey Ty is actually good at it

We found that Tyler is REALLY good at Air Hockey. He shouldn't be able to do it almost at all but he really did. And did really well. The other kids that were at the play place didn't know that he can't see and they were playing as hard as they could. He spend a long time there.

#icooking This little guy is so sweet. But man he is a hard kiddo

Grayson loves to pretend play and this kitchen was right up his alley. He did this for most of the time we were there. He really liked it. He would tell me he was "Tooking" and would hand it to me or anyone that was around to eat. I think we need to get him a kitchen set for his birthday.

They also have this awesome teeter totter that is shaped like an airplane. So between the airplane and the kitchen, Grayson had such a great time. I am pretty sure that Tyler spent the entire time NOT on the play set but playing basketball and air hockey the entire 4 hours.

It really was a great day.

We went home, had some yummy burgers and got our eggs boiled. We then got all of our Eggs filled for the ward Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast at the "Island park" ( we live in the "Island") and dropped them off.  We ate yummy pizza for dinner and off we went to bed for our Easter Bunny to come on Saturday.

Oh, but first we Facetimed our dad... And for those who haven't seen him in a while, well, yes. He has lost weight.. A LOT of weight. (And yes, he has been REALLY sick but right now he is doing amazing!)

#facetiming our day every night this week wish deadlines were over

The Easter Bunny doesn't really bring Candy to this lovely house, so our Easter Baskets were not full of sugar. But we had a great time because the Easter Bunny left foot prints all over our house.

Oh my goodness!! A #bunny broke into our house and drop of more crap. Bring on #eastering
So the Easter bunny comes on Saturday in our house for several reasons. 1) Tradition. My mom grew up in a place that we went to the Desert. We used our colored eggs for "Eastering" and had our Candy to snack on with our extended family. By extended, I mean like half the town. My moms family- Sisters and cousins, and my second cousins, and we all went to the same place every year. So the Easter Bunny came on Saturday. 2) How else do you have a basket for the Easter festivities if the Easter Bunny didn't bring you a basket. 3) I hate doing it on Sunday because the whole meaning of Easter is focusing on Christ, and that is what we do on Sunday. 

We went to the Easter Egg hunt, came home. Hung out with our dad and had such a good day with our toys and Easter stuff. 

Sunday was a good day. We cooked Lamb, and went to Church. Grayson turned into a Cannibal at church and took a big chunk out of Tyler's leg and  threw his drink and food truck at an unsuspecting dude sitting on our bench. I was MORTIFIED. But the focus was not on us. But a time to be more thankful for our Savior and the Sacrifice made for us. 

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