Monday, July 21, 2014


It is true. We are almost done with summer!!

OK, just summer break.

Summer weather will last for a few more months. YES months. And no worries, we are TRULY roasting this year. Not sure what it is about the heat this year but I am DYING.  It isn't as hot as it was last year, but it seems we are more humid than we have been. Or, I am just entering menopause and 100 feels way worse than it should given our geographical location.

I guess the worst part of the hot is that we are moving... again. I think we have moved more than I care to in the 9 years of being married. We, however, have found an awesome home. Our house is in the same ward, ( small area in which we attend the same church service. Click here to know more!) and the same school. So there is no changes with the people we regularly associate with. The only MAJOR difference is there is no stairs. Oh, let me repeat that... THERE ARE NO STAIRS!!

My new house #ihatemoving but I am getting a one story with four rooms. #onemonth Grandpa, send your truck.

We are only losing the square feet of what our stairs were. We do lose a den and loft, however, we have a sitting room that is bigger than both of those. We don't have enough furniture though. (I guess in a world of organizers, that is actually a good thing. )

@FramaticApp, our new house

We love the kitchen area. and can't wait to get into the swing of things. We love everything about the house. Honestly.... LOVE it.

I love built in and have one for the living room/family room. It will make it so 2 boys will finally not have toys all over my house and they can have their toys in their rooms. No one is sharing when we get in this house. Which means I get my bed back ( with my spouse in it) and Grayson will be put in his new bed, in a room where he can't open the door!


I know that some say "built-ins" were  so last season... But I am so totally excited for it.

But the best part of the WHOLE house is my new, amazing and kind of cute appliances.

New appliances #newhouse

This is by FAR the best part of the house. I love them. I had a huge appliance crush on my front loaders but HATE them, so back to the normal kind and I can't wait to get my first load of dirty clothes in there.

We have Grass in the backyard. We will have to revive it and see if we need to plant winter grass and we are going to be putting in some boxed garden boxes and we have GRASS. And trees!!

My room has a garden tub, in which the boys have already determined that it is where they will be having their bath. They also call it a pool.

But the 2 best features, right next door is the park. It has riding trails and lots and lots of things for the boys. The second, the amount of LDS people on our street. Most of them are in the right age range for Tyler, which means Grayson will tag along just fine.  Grayson's little friends are just around the corner.

So we have been moving in for a little over a week. Half the house is over there. The other half, well, we are in both places.

Another huge shout out to Grandpa for coming down and leaving your truck. Then going back and taking care of granny and Aunt Ti Ti. Then to turn around and come back on Friday  to pick it up. My boys LOVE and adore you in so many ways, so they are not sure what to think when you leave.

So if you need our new address....... Call my mom... ha! No we will have to make a mailer or smoothing. No one really mails us stuff anyway.

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