Monday, January 19, 2015

The Christmas Post

Since our tree JUST went down yesterday and I still have an hour or 2 of cleaning to do before it is all gone, I thought I would take the rest of my "homework" time to catch up on my December. I jumped ahead to the first of the year but want to make sure the Holiday Fun was documented.

Because we live in the Deseret the evenings are not horrible and so the holidays are very enjoyable. We spent a lot of time outside and most of the time we didn't need anything more than a jacket. The boys did a lot of playing outside for HOURS at a time.

One day while we were just minding our own business the North Pole Transponder showed up at our house. I am pretty sure it was the Elf that provided books every night. But the transponder was AWESOME. It would call the North Pole once every 24 hours and we got to talk to someone. A few times it was Santa. A few times it was an Elf but every time it was FUN!

We went to a Christmas party for Hope Kids and had a great time. It was at the party that Tyler spent his entire time playing basketball, that Santa made a last minute decision to buy a basketball hoop for Tyler. 

We split up at the hope kids party and I didn't take enough photos for each of them, but Grayson had a snow ball fight and he loved it. 

Grayson undecorated and redecorated my tree a million and one times. By the end of the season, I had a section of my tree with everything from icicles to a BOWL!! I found a bowl in my Tree when we were taking it down. 

We did our traditional visit to Santa and the Farm. We have seen the SAME Santa for 4 years. He is getting old and he doesn't look overly thrilled but he is the same one! 

Feeding goats and the blind donkey was a HIGHLIGHT of our night. Oh wait, no going by the poo pond was my kiddos favorite thing! 

This rabbit is from the Velveteen Rabbit story. It was so so soft. The kids loved it. Next thing we did was go on a hayride in the dark, right past Poo Pond where they deposit the poo. HOLY gag. Cache Valley Cows are still by far my favorite smell. The poo pond was BAD.. real bad. 

We played with salt dough but it was not enough to make it smell yummy to give to our friends. So we just played with it. 

No holiday can go by without a quick run to the pediatrician's office, where we had to get our hematocrit checked. Grayson was a beast and we KNEW he was low but needed to know how low to see if we needed to be checked in or not. So off to the doctors we went. 

We are low. VERY low. But we were not admitted and we have just done what we could to get through the exhaustion.

Christmas PJ's by the Labrum grandparents and we got to FaceTime them while we opened it. 

Next up...... Christmas ( the Santa part!) and Christmas day!! 

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