Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tyler the Big Brother

Ty is doing so much better with Grayson. He has finally decided he isn't such a bad kid after all. We got him to sit by him in his Mickey Mouse Chair. It didn't last very long but it was better than the nothing we had had before.

A few nights ago we tricked him into holding him. Up until that point he would always tell us no. We asked if he would sing a song to him. We then just kinda put the kid in his arms and as soon as the song was over he totally threw Grayson towards his dad.
Tyler does really well just being around Grayson but doing things WITH him is pretty much non existent. We have tried to give Tyler his space and his own time. We do his night routine with just him ( if possible) and we put him in bed alone.

Last night while we were getting ready for bed we added Grayson and his bath to the mix. Tyler stood at the sink washing his hair and his body. He LOVED it. Then we put clean Jammie's on both of them and they hung out in our bed.
I think that as time goes on they might actually like each other. I know D and I both love them.

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