Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Grayson- 2 weeks

It is so weird that our sweet baby has been here for 2 weeks. It feels like forever yet I still feel like I could get another week of recovery in. ( I didn't really "get" a recovery either.. so I think I really just need a nap every now and then.)

I would love to say Grayson inherited my sleep gene but that would be a lie. He seems to do a great job taking after his brother and dad. It is still early and he is still learning. He does have some fussy times and he has a smidgen of reflux that makes him so sad. But we are dealing with those. It does give me a chance to love on him at night and to sleep with him nice and tight in my arms. Makes me feel safe to have one ( or all) of the boys in bed with me.
We went for his 2 weeks appointment today. D was able to stay home with Tyler where they ran some errands and I did the yucky stuff. It was his "manhood" appointment and metabolic tests. ( I don't want to put the other word cause sicko's might google) That is ONE medical thing I cannot watch. I feel horrible doing it to them and HATE the aftermath but it is a informed decision ( YES... I feel informed) that we have made. So instead I will have a sad little boy on my hands for a few days.

The metabolic screening was not a huge deal. The nurse had to poke him 2 times because he clots really well. She felt so bad. I guess the state is really big on making sure the bubbles are filled in JUST right. If not, they send them back so we got to milk and poke on Grayson's poor heels.

The big bonus is he has grown. Our 6 day appointment was because we didn't have our pediatrician at the hospital so we "checked in" with them. Really I think Marisa and Nurse Jen ( both our favorite people EVER!) wanted to peek at Grayson in person. He weighed in on day six as 5 lbs 11 ounces. I had some drama over breastfeeding and the NICU mom freaking out and we found that Grayson has actually gained a lot of weight. So today he weighed in at 6 lbs 13 ounces. He is above his birth weight. He is still small but getting bigger!

The downer of the day. ( It wouldn't be one of my kids if there wasn't SOMETHING ) Grayson has a heart murmur. I jokingly asked if it was a PFO or a PDA and she said no. It was a little more serious than that and wanted to be sure. We are set up to see a Cardiologist on Tuesday to have his heart checked. Given the history of events in the family it is going to be better safe than sorry. It isn't brain surgery :) So I am hoping that I can deal with whatever might come. At least it isn't so severe that he was in the NICU for it.
Grayson is getting big and is still as cute as ever. We love the relationship him and Ty are gaining. I am thankful for so many things right now. But most glad that everything is going OK!


carly said...

He is darling! I love these pics, and glad to hear that all is well -- hope everything is ok with his heart. He is a cutie!

The Henrys said...

He is so incredibly sweet and beautiful. I'm glad to hear most things are going well and I am wishing good news on you next week about his heart.

Singedwingangel said...

HE is so beautiful.. aww I couldn't poke them the first time so I could never be a nurse.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Just catching up with news: congratulations on baby Grayson, so glad that all went well x

Cynthia said...

He is so handsome! Congratulations to the whole family!