Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The many faces of Grayson

Trains....... Things that move...... Garbage trucks. No really, if it goes down the street and makes noise he wants to see it.

This kid is serious about #transportation #trains outside. #trains on the table #cars on tv

He is a creative little toot for sure. But when he wants to relax and kick his feet up, he will find his own way to do it. 

Why Grayson. You comfy?

We have never had a neurotypical kiddo, so my over active/ hypochondric self tends to freak out. Our awesome PA is always willing to listen. But this kid gets more than his fair share of "smart" app time on the Ipad. He eats rocks and sometimes, you just gotta LOVE that little cute face. I love that face! 

Comfy toddler. When do they stop being a toddler? But the doctor said no more milk. #graysongram #lovehim #bottlenegone

Our trips to Tori's "par ma see" is one of his favorite things. And usually a baby comes with him. Oh how Tori at the pharmacy loves his little face! 

#baby came to the #pharmacy

Every morning he is in bed with me and he says " Mommy I need a cuddle." But he HAS to be in my bed. He never sleeps alone. Nothing we have tried works. I am his big fat security blanket. But his sleeping is my most favorite thing. He is so sweet. He has to be holding my hand, or hugging me or touching me. And just a hand on his sweet heart to know he is still with me, sure does heal a broken heart a little at a time.  ( Now if only he will sleep when we move to our NEW HOUSE!!) 

This is a daily nightly nap time occurrence. Wanna know why he won't sleep alone? I am a #bigfatsecurityblanket

This is a great pose #sleep

But his MOST favorite thing is to sleep in a sleep over with his brother. He wants to sleep in Tyler's bed every single night. He has even left my room and his room to go curl up with Tyler. Thankfully, Tyler sleeps through it all. 
Grayson said "I need to cuddle with Tyler " #lovethem #frenemies #momoftheyear #ineedabiggerbed

And he always finds cool ways to be Grayson. 

Grayson napping in the pool floaties. #graysongram #tired #nap

#missyoudad #ilovecookies #wwdc #wwdcwidow #wwdcorphan @kdbdallas

A bus and two boats and a sleeping Grayson #ineedabiggerbed

He is a pretend play freak. Loves to make pizza's, fix cars, drive cars, and play in a kitchen and best of all, he takes GREAT selfies!

One hour of play with grays before mom stuff and then Ty is back.

@carleypete your ice cream set gets used almost daily.

Grayson #selfies

This little kiddo gave me has been so hard and so rewarding. I am pretty sure that it is just payback for all the things I did as a kid and all that Dallas did. But most of all, we wanted him so much. We did everything we could to have him. We had so may procedures, and so much heartache to get him here. We had more drama than we EVER wanted when we finally got pregnant with this sweet spirit. We were told we "ruined" someones life and ostracized and blamed for things that were just mean, mean.( which by the way, these same saints didn't exactly tell us in a way that allowed us to process the last 4 kids, because empathy is not their forte) But all we wanted was someone to love. Some sweet spirit to have for Tyler to have a sibling. He is the icing on the cake for us. He keeps us on our toes, he gives us no sleep. But he is the best and perfect brother for Tyler. And perfect sweetness for me and Dallas. 

* Disclaimer: While it has been brought to my attention that I am hurting someone's feelings by voicing my feelings that happened when we found out we were pregnant with Grayson. For writing in my blog, I am sorry that it hurt your feelings. My feelings were and still are hurt but my apologies.*

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