Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Story Time

Obviously, I am still trying to play catch up, but wanted to keep track of all the doings of our cute little perfect kids. So you will have to bear ( or Bare.. I am not a grammar genius) with me. We are STILL in April/May!

Grayson has always been a bit "hard" so I had to figure out what in the world to do with this child so that he would be worn out in time for a nap and for Tyler to come home to not being eaten alive by his cannibalistic brother. After google searching and pintresting I had made a few notes and we started with the obvious. STORY TIME!!

I use to take Tyler all the time. But since having another awesome dude, moving and going through some major health issues with D and myself since Christmas, a shower is about all I am able to do these days ( then and now!)

But getting out and moving was our best choice. So we got up, took Tyler to school and we went to the Library. We hit the youngest one because I wasn't sure how Grayson and his ADD/Two year oldness would be at the library.

We  got there early for a "limited seat." We had "baby" with us and we walked around the library. The kids library is the COOLEST!! There is a season themes all down the wall and it was GREAT. We played at the beach part the longest. But it was a lot of fun .

We sang songs, did a craft and then Grayson wanted to go in and out of the tunnel from the igloo. He spent as much time around the water station as he could. I was pretty impressed.

Sadly, I started to be a cool mom just in time for the story time to end, but next year, we are starting a whole new adventure. Preschool........ daycare.........use my degree for something. (WHO KNEW!!)

Waiting his turn at the fishing hole. Notice "baby" has #sharpie on him. #heismine #toddler #library

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