Thursday, June 19, 2014

" I am in the 3rd grade, just like Grandma the old lady"

Arizona and their school system is SO strange. We are out early May but back in school the first week of August. It is already getting hot by the time we are out. If it hasn't hit the high 90's, we are super super lucky.

This year we hit HOT HOT pretty early but we were still able to go outside for a few things. However, inside was where we were going to have to be. So we have been looking for fun activities to do for the summer.

The last day of school Ty was so super excited. He got off the bus and told his super awesome driver that he was so glad that  she was a good driver and then told Miss Maggie, " Miss Maggie Moo, I am a big boy now. I am in 3rd grade just like Grandma the old Lady." I thought Miss Maggie was going to pee her pants!

Tyler is ready to move on and he is super excited to move to third grade. He will have the same teacher, Mrs. Tuttle, in the same class that he was in this year, for the LAST year. He is up to bench mark and will be taking the AIMS ( the standardized test..... Seriously do not ASK why he would be allowed) and he will be given some new technology next year to hopefully aide him in doing some of the things he can't do now. If not, he will be having a full time one on one aide. He will be adding more orientation and mobility next year and will be doing more cane training.

We are thankful he is doing so well. It is hard to accept the realization that prematurity did affect his brain. That he is not going to be "normal" and will not be doing all the things that we imagined he would. To accept the under development and the lack of normal is just something that has come to head this year. He is a great kid. Normal just isn't what we will have.

Here comes summer!!!!


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