Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas?

Holy smokes! The New Year is here ( almost!) and I haven't even blogged about Christmas. I must be awesome. I also looked for my camera cord for 3 days and didn't find it till tonight. And Christmas morning was hecka busy and I got a total of .... NO pictures. Instead we facetimed the Old Lady and the boy ( and Aunt poo poo) in Orangeville!

In the works.... Nothing. After having surgery I have opted to do NOTHING for another week, maybe 2 and send my kid back to school on the 7th. And start a new private blog with other stuff on it. Stuff that isn't as pretty as the Tyler stuff. We will be still doing this one but a private one will have the "good" stuff. So send me an email if you haven't already. Like I said this one will still be going because we have found way to many people through our awesome hero!!

So we will be posting Christmas in a day or 2 and we will be enjoying our new year with new resolutions and with new hope and new things to say!

Till then Bring on a BETTER 2013!!

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