Thursday, December 6, 2012

We made it one more day......

Tyler has made it one year since the night of his seizure. It was the most horrifying thing to walk into and watch my poor sweet hero have a seizure. Having no control over his body. It was and still is something that makes my tummy hurt.

Since that day, we have graduated from Ty sleeping in our bed, to sleeping ON the floor in our bedroom, to sleeping with a video monitor, to me checking on him a million and ONE times, to me checking on him,  3-5 times a night. Someday, I will stop checking on him, but really, I probably won’t.

His seizure was such a hard thing for us in our world. We thought we were home free from anymore crap. It was the longest 20 minutes of our lives. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do, was to follow him to the hospital. To watch him be snowed. To watch him be sick.

There was so much home stress leading up to the seizure. There was parental stress leading the way the rest of the month. Our whole life changed that month.

Ty stayed home from school while we got some new behaviors under control. We were really just scared to have him out of our sight. We sent him back after break. We saw 2 neurologists to make sure we got on the right path.

 We lived in fear of the next one.

We still live in fear of the next one.

We saw his new neurologist and she said he was doing great. He was happy and hopping around all over the office. She said ONE MORE YEAR and we can look at an EEG and decide if we need to do meds.

We made it this year. We can do hard things.

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