Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review!

Our year in review generally is around Tyler, but it is around 2 little boys that have become even bigger.

 January: The seizure that Tyler  had in December really put us into a cope mode. Such a cope mode that now, January 2013, we are FINALLY pulling out of it. We have literally worked our way to a new state in a cope mode kind of flight. But we got through it. Nothing major worked.

Grayson turned six months old. He was sitting up and playing and doing so well.

February: Tyler got phenol shots. It was the last time he has had them. He did really well, he behaved and was so polite. His other behaviors were exhausting. He had terrible behaviors that we decided to change seizure meds to other meds and medicate for the anxiety the seizure had given us. It was a very long few months before they were under control.

March: This was a great few months that started with 2 sweet ladies knocking on our door so we could be a WISH family.

April : we had the BEST visually impaired Easter EVER! And we got even more information on our wonderful world of Disney Cruise! And out sweet baby Grayson turned 9 months old. He was growing so fast.

May:  We started on Paxil, and he was doing awesome! We were really struggling with school placement for the poor kid. And we were planning our awesome trip to the Bahama’s

June:  We went on the best trip in the entire world. It made Tyler’s dream come true and we talk about it daily. We had such a great time. I hope some day we are able to do it again.

July: My sweetest termie turned 1! What a year it was.  We had a HUGE party and everyone we knew came to celebrate how amazing he is. He also broke his arm AND we decided to move back to Arizona.

August: We moved. Ty started in the BEST class that he could be in. It was a wonderful place for him to go. Grayson got his first hair cut. We moved into our “Summer house.” Ty is thriving here.

September:  Ty had a fabulous birthday party where we bowled.. and bowled. He was so happy and so great.

October: We went to Utah to visit. Turns out, with the end of the year events, we won’t be going back as often as we thought we would so we are so glad we were able to see Kayden get baptized and we are looking forward to Tyler’s this year!

November:  Tyler officially does his bike like a champion. He is doing awesome. It was also where we started to unravel a little.

December: I had surgery and am struggling a little and Christmas was awesome!!

We have had a rough few end months. We will do what we always do and survive! We will come out on top and do the best we can!

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