Thursday, August 4, 2011

A broken heart..... that can be fixed!

We had mentioned in a previous post that we needed to take Grayson to see a cardiologist. His pediatrician heard a murmur and couldn't tell what it was. It was not a PDA or a PFO which are all somewhat "normal" in babies. It didn't have us to worried. However, the family history did make it a little more concerning.

We were able to get into the cardiologist very quickly. ( 2 days!!) And we were able to get some really good information and figure out what exactly was there.

The Doctor was really nice and I felt he was really thorough. Ty doesn't see a cardiologist so I have no idea what is normal but I felt really comfortable what he was doing and what time he took to explain everything.

After listening to his heart he explained that Grayson has Peripheal Pulmonary stenosis. It isn't anything that will cause him major or long term issues. It is generally heard in babies that are smaller than seven pounds and after a few months the pulmonary vessel grows and gets larger and the murmur goes away! Unless there is a different genetic condition there isn't any long term issues. He doesn't have those genetic conditions.

While he was listening to his heart he heard a strange clicking noise and decided, given family history, he would like a ECHO done and we went in to do it. I think ECHO's are cool to watch and I have NO idea what I am looking at. I hate that the tech's can't say anything so I just sat there watching. Give me a brain to look at any day and I can tell you a little about what I see but not a heart.

(I sat waiting forever for the doc to come back in. Dallas was getting ready to fly to New York and we were cutting it close. Our appointment started at 8 and I wanted to be home to get him at 11. I didn't get home till 11:30)

When the doctor came in he said that Grayson looked fine. We need to go back in six months. The ECHO showed the stenosis and it showed a PFO but he couldn't hear the PFO so he is assuming that the click is just how Grayson is. The heart is doing great. He doesn't love the fact that he has a few other "symptoms" that indicate an issue but he can't see anything wrong.

I left feeling so thankful. Many prayers have been answered.

Next up... Vomit Volcano, New York and Tyler goes to school. ( In no particular order!)

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Cynthia said...

Well that is a little scary but sound like all will be well. Both of my twins had minor heart issues (Bethany had the murmer (sp?) but it cleared up by the time she was a year old). Neither has issues now- seems the less mature hearts just take some extra time to develop.