Thursday, August 4, 2011

New York

My husband is a GENIUS.

No really. He is a genius.

A computer genius. He is a web developer who has self taught how to program stuff for the Iphone and Ipad. He is really good at what he does. He loves coding for that kind of stuff. While it is all foreign to me, he is able to work contract jobs and his own stuff right now and is basically at home MOST of the time but he is working ALL the time.

He is very active on social network sites ( except facebook.. he thinks it is stupid) like twitter and has way to many geeky friends on there that do the same thing as him. We even send him to the Apple Conference. Which is a week long, in California with Geeks and Apple stuff. HEAVEN!

Recently, after starting to do contract work again and working from home he was in contact with someone who worked at The New York Times. They were interested in him and asked him to "come in" for an interview. He got all excited because he has never been and they were going to fly him out there for an interview.

He left on Tuesday and I went and got him Wednesday night. He had a wonderful time and got to see a few things. But most importantly his interview went well. We will hear what they have to say in a few days. Probably next week.

No worries. He didn't get mugged but he did invade the Disney store where he bought both boys Mickey mouse stuff. Ty loved it and was so excited to wear them to bed today.

Wish us well.... and wish us LOTS of money to be able to afford the living there!

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Cynthia said...

Wow! What a wonderful pat on the back for him- he must be good!

In the 'old days' they called that conference Mac World and the Hubs and I went the first summer we were married. It was in Boston then.

You guys have been through a lot and deserve all the great things coming your way. Whew! Perhaps that pesky 'dog pile trial'
is easing up and the blessings can come pouring in.