Tuesday, March 15, 2011

20 weeks- Anatomy

Today was a great appointment. I tend to get a little over nervous about everything and today was no exception. It was nice and early so we didn't need a sitter for Tyler because he was at school. Yesterday on the way to the store he got super sick and puked all over the nice clean car. It was a LONG night for all of us but he felt fine this morning and went to school.

We went to our perinatologist and got right in. I think we must have been close to the first people. His brain looked great. No signs of hydrocephalus ( even though Ty's was NOT congenital but is considered aquired.) and his heart and kidneys looked great and were working properly.

Oh and did we mention... it is STILL a boy!!! ( click if you REALLY need it larger!)

They measured everything and he is exactly were he should be. We are exactly 20 weeks 2 days and he measures 3 days but exactly where he should. He is about ten ounces right now. My placenta is on the inside of my uterus or posterior which is great for feeling the baby. Soon D should be able to feel him too! ( A first for him!)

He is a little camera shy when it comes to profile pictures. But the rest of him looks great. We have no soft markers for Downs syndrome. Everything was perfect.

Hitting the 20 week mark is half way. Exciting and scary at the same time. We have about 4 weeks until we hit uncharted territory for us. It is very scary. I am a nervous wreck and am so scared. We have one more appointment with the perinatologist in March and one more appointment with my OB. The perinatologist is hoping we will "graduate" to coming at 30 weeks and not have to go in during the scary period ( 25 weeks!) though I am happy to be graduating I am horrified at the same time. It would do much on my heart to see her through the scary time!

At 30 weeks we start weekly Non stress test and hope to make it to at least 35. So we are on our way. Time is flying by. Uncharted territory or not we are very excited for this baby.

* On a side note: Our perinatologist said that this week the Makena rep was in their office. I asked her if she punched him in the face and she said No but I should have! She said that the Perinatologist association along with the OB and pediatric association sent letters to the Makena people ( and the March of Dimes). She also said that she told him that if they didn't come down in price that she would continue to have us all use compounding pharmacies. If not after we get to a certain point she would suggest suppositories that cost a quarter a day! So she said that hopefully in a few months or weeks they would work out what to do. So high risk ladies... keep your head up!!*

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