Thursday, March 10, 2011

Progesterone, preemies and preterm labor

If you read our blog you probably know the story of Tyler. The experience was very hard and very long. It didn't end after those 93 days in the NICU. We vowed we were never going to have any other kids because of the risk of delivering early.

3 years ago we changed our minds. But before we jumped in with both feet we decided it was in our best interest to check with a perinatolgist and got as much information as we could. We needed to be SURE that this was going to be safe. If we decided to go forward with a pregnancy what would we be looking at? What things could we do or precautions we could take to give our baby the best chance at life?

2 major choices were presented at the time. The option of a cerclage or a stitch in my cervix that would help my cervix stay closed. The other choice was a cerclage AND progesterone. When we moved and finally got pregnant the cerclage wasn't needed but the shots were a go.

The perinatologist here in Utah has trial after trial after trial where the progesterone shots WORKED. Time after time research has shown that a simple shot helps the mother who has had a preterm delivery stay pregnant.

Before this change many private compounding pharmacies were mixing the drug. They were able to give the shot at a much cheaper rate. There are hundreds of pharmacies that were able to provide this at a much cheaper cost. Now that the change is happening many MANY people are having to make a choice that they never wanted to make.

I feel we made a educated choice on our chance of having another preemie. With that choice we also had to make other decisions that include how early do we save another baby? The choice of rent, food or clothes in order to save your child should never be something that anyone should have to make. By this increase, that is what they are doing. They are forcing someone to make a choice. If this was six months ago our choice may have been different. ( We really REALLY want this baby. But we want to be able to afford them and not be a burden.)

There was a point in the article that the drug company said that they would offer help to those under insured or on a sliding scale for people under 100K. While that sounds great, paying more than the 20 dollars might not be possible, even if they make under the amount. These people are seeing more than one doctor. They are seeing a specialist and having many other appointments than MOST people.

For us alone we see a doctor every other week and sooner than most we will have weekly appointments and stress test. Those cost money. Even with insurance.

I hope that someone in high places listens. No kid deserves to be born early. No kid should have to suffer. Make a drug that helps these people be affordable.

* Tyler, Dallas and I are going to be on Channel 2 news tonight. We hope that those who listen can and will use their voice.*

* I will take a picture of my own vial in the morning. But the image is courtesy of Google images. It was to dark to take a picture*

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Marie said...

I had these shots with my daughter. Our son was a 30 weeker and I was terrified of having another so early and we were undecided if we wanted to chance that path again.

My doctor told me about these shots (right after our son was born) and I had them for 17 weeks combined with bed rest, weekly doc appts, bi weekly cervical checks and our daughter was born full-term and healthy on her due date!

We had to pay $50 for 4 shots (our insurance was all messed up during the time of my pregnancy) and I could only get them at a certain pharmacy and we got them 5 times.