Friday, March 18, 2011


Since the day that Tyler came home he has had some issues some where with sleeping. At the beginning they were because he was a newborn. There was a period of time where he would actually go to sleep but he didn't sleep LONG stretches of time. 2 hours tops and he would need to be fed again and that is how I lived my life for a LONG time.

Then as he got older he wouldn't sleep period. He was up at 3 am playing while I slept on the love sac by him because I was exhausted. Then I started working. And I would get home after he went to bed. If I talked he woke up and he was up for 3 or 4 hours in the night. That would mean he slept in. WRONG!! 4 am was a normal wake up time for him.

Now that we are totally out of toddler beds and totally into big beds, not just BIG twin beds but BIG QUEEN beds he still finds his way into my room EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. While it is super early and I am super tired and his dad is super tired we tend to lift him in bed and there he rests. While I find my way into the bigger bed.

The last few weeks it has gotten EVEN WORSE. Tonight is a great example. After pooping in my tub, sitting on the toilet watching us clean it up. Standing up on his own stool to brush his teeth and walking into his own bed he cuddled right in. EVERY TEN MINUTES for the last hour and half he has come into our room. Either crawling or walking. The longer his meds are in him the more he crawls. The kid is sleep med trashed.

Last night I Tried to let him stay up a little later. Totally backfired. He was so tired that his meds induced him into a dream that was scary. He ended up in here in tears crying through unopened eyes about a bad dream. Kicking D out.

Tonight we have seen him every ten minutes. Making us delirious. We are tired and a newborn is NOT even close to making it home!

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