Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disney On Ice

A few weeks ago we were given Tickets to Disney On Ice: Let's Celebrate. It is Mickey Mouse celebrating all of the different times of the year. Sadly, my camera was out of batteries and I knew that it would, but couldn't find my extra spare. ( I have 3. But man I can't remember ANYTHING) Plus the morning did NOT go as planned.

Because of the drama of last night, Ty didn't wake up until what I *THOUGHT* was 8. As I ate breakfast and went upstairs to shower I realized that it was really 9:30 and it started at 10:30. Needless to say we were in a hurry.

The tickets were given to us by the Hope Kids program and the Feld Entertainment. The tickets are generally not visually impaired friendly. Most people can't afford front row seats on any of the venues but we have been lucky enough that the Energy Solutions exchanges our tickets for better visually impaired seating. It makes us glad that he JUST might be able to see everything. Or at least SOMETHING!

Ty REALLY likes Mickey and we told him last night we were going on a HUGE adventure in hopes to convince him he needs to sleep in his own bed. We reminded him this morning that we were going on a adventure. It didn't help him be good and behave but he wasn't HORRIBLE so we went anyway.

Right before we left I told him our Adventure was to go see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the rest of the gang. He was very excited. We made it just in time. After our exchange of tickets we sat down and I ran to get a few things and just as I was leaving the show started. So I missed the FIRST sight of Mickey.


The Let's celebrate started with a "Unbirthday" and had Alice and all the wonderland people. Along with all of Mickey's friends.

The clean up of the party was done by Mickey mouse and the mops from the Sorcerer. The mops were very cute and they lit up. They did a great job!


Halloween was cute and had all the Villains of Disney. Jafar, the witch from Snow White. All of them. Ty has really liked Captain Hook. So of course when he saw Captain Hook he had a nice point and clap!


For Valentines they did have the Princesses but since Ty was only interested in Mickey that is what I got!

During the intermission I bought the most expensive bag of cotton candy EVER. It came with a hat and as soon as he had a new hat he was all done with his Mickey. We even went down one whole step and got super close the the Zamboni.



My camera didn't have batteries for the last half of the show but we really did have a good time. All the princesses were there, Tinkerbell came and so did the toys from Toy story. I was super thankful for all the accommodations. It has really made Tyler be able to see and enjoy so many more things

On the way home he told us that was the "Best adventure EVER." Pretty sure it is way better than small trips to the grocery store or play time at Burger King. I know his face was priceless!

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Tammy said...

It was probably as much as the monster truck cotton candy that we bought at the monster truck rally.