Sunday, October 17, 2010

IEP 2010!

Tyler's IEP ( Individualized Education Plan) recently expired so I had the chance to sit down with his education team and come up with new goals and things to work on for the upcoming school year.

Last year Ty was really new to the school and we didn't know how he would do in a classroom setting like the one we had him in. In Arizona, Tyler was in a class where there were only 3 other kids. 2 were a lot more severe but had physical challenges. He was not in a "almost typical" class there when we moved.

In Utah he was back in a typical ( as typical as Special needs preschools can be) and he was not doing as well last year as he was this year. So the goals were made and he did really well. This year, his goals were made and I am excited to see how they will pan out.

To start the year Tyler has made leaps and bounds progression. When we left the school year there was no words. He was making some sounds but nothing that really resembled words. With a new speech person she is really wanting to push Tyler to make the leaps and bounds that she wants him to make. She wants him as close to kindergarten ready and she can get him.

Educational goals for Tyler are SMALL!! He is doing what he should be doing as far as cognitively as he works toward kindergarten. He is basically caught up. Including his ability to count by ten to 100!! So the goals that we have for him are all social. Getting him to play with others, initiating play, talking about what they are playing so that he can be more social with other people that he needs.

Other people involved in our IEP is a Physical therapist and an adaptive PE teacher. They are going to work on Ty's core strength. They are also wanting to get him in the habit of walking in a straighter line instead of a drunk straight walk.

The best and most exciting news is his vision. They want to teach him how to use a CCTV. It is a pretty cool device that is going to help him learn to read. By Christmas they would like him to be able to sight read 20 words. I totally and whole heatedly agree. I KNOW he can do it. He is a very smart kiddo.

The CCTV is small, lightweight and quite cool. I think my mom could use one. She is almost as blind as a bat!! The cost of the device is quite minimal so it is very cost effective for what it will do and he can use it for a while.

The OT and Vision people will coordinate some of their efforts and work on his writing skills and if writing isn't going to be an option then they will be teaching him how to type and utilities the abilities he does have and keeping him up with the rest of the kids his age.

I was pretty impressed and the only change I requested was that we don't automatically write off Summer school for next year. So in December we will be reassessing the goals to see if we can get him the socializing.

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Cynthia said...

That sounds great! He's made so much progress already that I'm sure he'll march right through all of this too!