Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 years ago....

3 years ago me and Dallas were rooming in. Rooming in to show the nurses and the docs that we were able to take care of Tyler. It was also the day that we were starting the last stretch of our NICU journey.

This year we start the day back at a hospital. Doing something that is not fun but it is much better than the NICU.

Ty is having his dental work tomorrow. We are capping 3 of his teeth, cleaning and doing all the stuff we can't do while he is awake. This is the first time Ty has been put under anesthesia without both of us present. HE usually only wants me when he wakes up but it is still hard to do it without Dallas.

He gave Tyler a blessing tonight. I feel OK about the procedure and know that it will go fine.

Tomorrow you will see the "new and improved" Tyler.

Please say a prayer for both of us that we will be OK and that we will have a quick recovery and on our way home!

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HollySteffen said...

ooOoo good luck!!! i can't wait to see those chompers! =]

i so happy for him!