Saturday, July 12, 2008

The "lights" of the week

The Lights of the week were good and bad. Kind of mundane to but a few were really fun.

We had no therapy this week. That is always a kind of vacation for us. On any given week we have 3 in home and 1 out of home. All canceled this week so Ty got a vacation and so did mom.

Thursday was our busy day.

After a month of reschuduling I decided to bite the bullet and just go. (Ashley, I know you read my blog but the dentist isn't near as cool as he was when I was little. Oh I miss the days where every person who stuck their fingers in my mouth I had known FOREVER!!) We have been seeing the dentist for almost a year. As background.. He was a late teether. When he did get teeth they were strange and "not right." Some of them missing corners, some where yellow. After we moved here we took him to the dentist and have been seeing him every six months since.

We got in to see the dentist amazingly fast. I have NEVER been to a dentist that got me in that fast. We had our appointment at 1:30 and were done by 2. He took Ty's tooth brush and went to town. Ty, in true Ty fashion, screamed and screamed and then taking after his mom starts gagging. Because we happen to need a big old dose of antibiotics I didn't want to wear it so I got him to sit up. The dentist then dove right back in.

The Verdict.... Tyler needs caps. Thanks to life saving TPN we now have rotten teeth. Thanks to life saving measures he has yucky teeth. Thank goodness for socially thinking docs they come in White and no one will know.

The down part.. Sedation. Ty will have to go to a surgical center to get his dental work done. In order to do that we have to have a physical and his well "baby" ( haha) exam and in Arizona they won't give the three year old shots a day or second before they turn three. Not to mention we are booked out 3 weeks for well child exams. I lied and told them I wanted a sick kid exam then. I want this done before we start school.

After the Dentist Ty and I were invited to swim with some ladies in the ward. My new friend Mallory and Ty's new friend Kayden share the same therapists and will be going to preschool this fall were there and we had a blast. Sometimes it is nice to have someone who gets it around. We swam for several hours and came home to Dallas wanting to take Ty with him to the at&t store before our sitter was able to come.

Dallas got his new Iphone this morning and we have had a great afternoon together. Including a wonderful and yummy in my tummy steak at texas roadhouse. I think in a few weeks I will be taking Dallas to a yummy brazilian resturant... he deserves it.

I am so done this week... I have a headache and am so done with people this week. I guess here is to a new week... and less blah!!

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